Illustration by Bella Pilar

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article on a London Supermarket concept which made me feel nostalgic for this amazing city where I have lived for a couple of years. I love this city, if only it wasn’t so cold and gloomy! So I wanted to share with you some of my favourite places. I used to walk everywhere there so I think they are all in walkable distance as long as you have comfy shoes on!

London Fields – Hackney: I used to live in Hackney and would walk through this park almost every day. It was always full of en eclectic mix of people and looked absolutely amazing in the Autumn with all the with so many red, gold and brown leaves everywhere!

Hackney Markets: From handmade artisan crafts, delicious Jamaican rotis, to anything you might need to fill your larder, plus vintage clothes, you can find it here. There is also an old Jamaican guy named Joe who owns a tiny little grocery store there and always hands out jamaican-style friend bananas! Fun!

Columbia Road Flower Market: As you may have guessed this is a flower market full of chaps with broad East London accents yelling out “Three for a fiver! Just three bunches for a fiver!” Most of the flowers have been transported overnight from greenhouses in Holland and the ‘geezers’ are out selling from very early in the morning. I love the bright colours and delicious scents, the East London accents and bustling street atmosphere. There are a couple of great cafe’s where you can find a perfect cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer) and flaky croissants while you settle in to o take in the hustle and bustle.

The Stingray Globe Cafe: If you like pizza, then this place is perfect! Totally unassuming, this little cafe is always busy due, mainly, to its delicious wood fired pizzas. You can get an enormous margarita pizza for just £5 quid. Mmmmm delicious!

Spitalfields Markets: Filled with young designers unique pieces, handmade designer jewellery, and all types of arts and crafts, this is the perfect place to go gift shopping. Especially with Christmas almost here, you would definitely find the perfect original gift even for the most difficult to-buy-for friend, and you get to support the local young artists and designers which always feels great!

Zigfrid Von Underbelly – Hoxton Square: I adore this “art bar” in ├╝bertrendy Hoxton Square and the name just makes it for me! This is where you can find up-and-coming so and so’s of every kind: artists, bankers, musicians, lawyers, filmmakers…. and despite this the bar is super trendy, yet casual and totally relaxed. I’ve met some really cool people there before, which makes me think only cool people go here!

Brick Lane: Go out for a famous curry and don’t foget to bargain for the price beforehand, then loose yourself in one of the many pubs or bars around.

Cafe 1001: Just off Brick Lane this super cool grungy multi-level bar is party central. Full of dirty djs and pretty much anyone who is creative in any way, Cafe 1001 has a different music genre playing every night and often hosts all day/all night rave parties which are always full of friendly, happy, smiling people. For some reason I seem to think it was open 24/7 however now that I consider it, it can’t really be possible, can it?!

Oh my goodness, I have realised there is far too much to share with you all in one post, so I will continue My London Town again for you another day!

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