On the weekend I was invited to my sweet friend’s house-warming party – a gorgeous new pad a few kilometres south of Byron Bay. Shortly after arriving she quietly confided in me that she was suffering from some pretty serious indigestion, and had been sick all night.
She asked if I knew of a cure. I shook my head until I remembered a drink that saved me many times before when I was in India. Made of 4 simple ingredients. An Aloe Vera based elixir.




an alchemical preparation supposed to be capable of prolonging life indefinitely (elixir of life

anything that purports to be a sovereign remedy; panacea


Luckily she has fresh Aloe Vera growing in the garden, so we cut off a stem, and wandered into the kitchen.


This is how we made it:


+ Fillet the Aloe Vera stem, so you just have the clear, fleshy centre and put it in a blender.

+ Add a tablespoon of turmeric powder.

+ Add a tablespoon (or just under) of raw honey.

+ Add a cup of filtered or spring water.

+ Blend.


Pour into two fancy looking glasses for extra magical effects. And drink. I had some too, just because it’s too delicious not to.


Within half an hour my darling friend started feeling better and an hour later she was eating and drinking away at the party like there had been nothing wrong at all!


So next time you or your friend have tummy pains, try this: my miraculous cure-all-tummy-pains Aloe Elixir.


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