My pretty peach planner. A love story.
Late one night last year, during my detox in Bali, I had one of those sit-up-straight-in-bed aha moments. Simplifying and streamlining my life is a huge priority in my life for several reasons. It creates more time and space, it makes everything a lot easier, and it means that practical and organisational tasks feel less daunting.
I am organised. But I’m not someone who wants to spend lots of time organising. I like to have systems and practices in place that keep everything organised. I used to think that stuff was boring, but nowadays it necessary.
But there was one system in my life that was becoming the bane of my heavy travelling bags: my notebooks. As much as my life and work is online, I really love connecting pen to paper for: taking client notes, creative ideation, taking notes from books I like, journaling, keeping track of my income, moon rituals and business ideas.
This meant that each of those areas of my life were represented in its own little (or big) notebook, that I carried with me around the world. Everywhere I went, I took 5 or 6 notebooks with me. And as cute as that might be, it’s not practical, and is extremely wasteful.
Which brings me back to that evening in Bali, in bed, when I realised there had to be another way. I started researching ‘planners’ and ‘filofax’ across the internet and found tonnes of articles and blog posts dedicated to the art of organising ones life in one single book.
Immediately I was hooked.
And promptly spent the next 5 hours researching for the perfect solution: a beautiful planner that would lovingly hold all the words of my heart, soul and work. The one I settled on was this one in the pictures from Kikki K. They don’t have the peach colour anymore, but you can see their latest range here. (I got the textured leather personal planner in Large. And if I were to choose again now, I’d totally go for the tangerine one!)
I ordered it, had it sent to my friend’s place in Byron Bay, where I knew I’d be passing through in the near future. I am so happy I did. My pretty peach planner has revolutionised my life!
My pretty peach planner. A love story.
Now, everything I’m working on is organised into section with tabs, yet it’s still sitting prettily, all together in one beautiful book that I adore and take with me everywhere. My laptop and planner are literally all there is to my mobile office that I travel the world with. (Plus, obviously a collection of pens and such.)
I love that I can go through my planner every 3 – 6 months and remove the old notes I no longer need, and then fill it up with fresh new pages whenever I want. I buy my refills from and prefer to get unlined paper in both plain and rainbow!
I’m not sure, but I think I might be saving rainforests with this. (Now, if only the rainbow refills came in recycled paper, my life would be complete.)
My pretty peach planner. A love story.
To take you through each of the sections, here is how I organise my planner:
Calendar — Self explanatory really. I use my online google calendar to organise my schedule, and I use this calendar to pencil in my project dates and blog posts schedule.
To Do — This is my ongoing ‘To Do’ list. At the start I have my goals and intentions for the year. Then I break those down into months on the following pages. And then at the start of each week, I write down my tasks that need to be completed that week. This keeps me aligned with my goals and intentions, and means that I am consistently taking micro-actions towards want I want to experience, have, be and do in my life.
I usually leave  my planner open on that page so I can go back and check off completed tasks. At the end of the week I tear the page out of my planner, throw it away and start again. I personally don’t do daily ‘To Do’ lists because I feel stressed when there’s too much of a time limit and pressure to complete something. I am more likely to get my work down, when I feel like I have plenty of space and time for everything.
My pretty peach planner. A love story.
Coaching Notes — Here I write down every single mentoring session, to keep track of what we are working on and how many sessions we have had. I write the person’s name at the top and then the session no. so I can refer back whenever I need.
Biz Ideas — Is where I collect all of my ideas as they arise. Some of them evolve into fully fledged projects, while others fade away. Writing them down gives them all an equal chance to manifest, and once I had something on paper, I have a better idea whether it’s viable or not, and whether I have the passion and interest to invest into it and see it through. Once it’s got a skeleton structure, I flesh it out into its fullness in my Google Docs.
My pretty peach planner. A love story.
Money Love — Has become a favourite practice that my money mentor taught me. Every time I get a little ‘ping’ from my PayPal account, letting me know I have been paid, I enter it into this section. This file is organised into years: past years with monthly earnings are written out on a page each, with a total at the bottom. And for the current year: each month has a page to track my daily income, which is tallied at the end of the month.
When I tally the month, I also like to write little affirmations below it like: “Yes. Thank you! More please.” or “Money comes to me easily and frequently.” or “I expand in love, success and abundance every day, as I inspire those around me to do the same.” or sometimes “I am open to expected and unexpected financial abundance that arrives in a fun, safe and healthy way.”
Tracking your income is so important, beyond just being organised. More importantly (for me, anyway) is that it keeps me focused on abundance and gratitude for what I already have. I write down everything, even if I find 20c on the ground, or someone gives me a gift that has a specific value (like a free course, for example). When I first started doing it, I was surprised to learn that I was earning more than I thought. And within a few months my income started to double and triple, simply because I was feeling so abundant, instead of focusing on lack or not having enough. Isn’t it amazing!?
My pretty peach planner. A love story.
Intentions + Sacred Words — Last but by no means least, here I write down my monthly moon rituals, set my intentions and journal my thoughts and feelings. This space is extra special to me because the words I write here hold such potent power. I’m pretty sure this part of my planner is where all the magic happens, that creates the rest of my life!
And that, my friend, is how my pretty peach planner has revolutionised my life. It’s most definitely a love story.
My pretty peach planner. A love story.

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