About 2 and a half years ago, I knew it was time. I was ready to embark out on my own and finally fulfill my heart’s yearning and my soul’s whispers to become self employed, doing what I loved. But I was totally freaked out by the concept of being a “business woman”. Sales and marketing seemed like dirty sins of the under-world to me and I felt, didn’t suit my personality AT ALL. Nonetheless, my dream was relentless and I knew there had to be a way to make it work, my own way. After all, I’m compelled to live life on my own terms, but, like everyone, sometimes I need some guidance, support and expert assistance.
It was then that I discovered the business course designed specifically for women who were creative, multi passionate entrepreneurs Rich, Happy & Hot B-School. After much am-ing and ah-ing, weighing up the pros and cons, and wondering whether it was a worthwhile investment into my life and my business, I took the leap, on the final day of registration and took the course.
This simple step, and investment into myself CHANGED MY LIFE. Marie Forleo is one sassy, smart and switched on woman, who teaches practical, easy to follow and essential practices to grow and develop your passions, love and heart into a successful business. By doing exactly what she lays out, in only two years I have developed viendamaria.com from just a little lightbulb idea into a real business that supports me financially as well as fulfills my personal creativity, ethics and values and has turned me into a sincere business woman without all the salesy marketing BS! One of the best parts is, once you’ve registered, you can take the course every year following when it runs for FREE, so in essence have access to an ever improving business course on a continuous basis which is AMAZING. This year will be my third year taking Rich, Happy & Hot B-School and I cannot wait. Let’s do it together!
It’s so very rare that I promote or recommend other people’s ventures on my site, and I only do if I have personally used them and KNOW that they are excellent and meet beyond my own and your standards, and Rich, Happy & Hot definitely does. If you have been toying with the idea of building, growing or developing your own business and need the loving support of a successful and professional course that covers EVERYTHING you could possibly need to know, as well as a community of incredible women all across the globe then click here, find out more and sign up. Registration begins on Wednesday the 20th of February and closes on Monday the 4th of March. This will change your life!

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