I sit on the sofa, knees pulled over to the side with Danger snoozing on them while I balance my laptop on my thigh. Before me are the large French doors leading out to the balcony of the flat that currently is my home closed tightly against a British summer cold front and rain. I’m so grateful for this space despite the uncertainty of how long I can remain. I hope at least until the end of the year.
It’s mid-July. I feel a lot of emotions, I don’t have words for all of them.
There are no words for what 2020 has delivered so far. It will take many more months, perhaps even years, for us to process this turning point. But I feel we have reached the next step forward. We have arrived at a place the is potent with new beginnings.
I felt the shift, I think we all did, with the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. We are ready now, to look towards the future.
Five months ago, when all this began, I wrote these words:
I hope this is the beginning of a new world. One where we view ourselves as part of a breathtaking miracle: a rotating sphere of life suspended in an infinite galaxy. And honour it as so.
I hope we learn to remain soft, gentle and kind. That we make every choice with loving mindfulness instead of rushing back to what we once knew.
I hope we are at the tipping point of a transformed perspective. One where creativity, beauty, love and connection override capitalism, consumerism and selfish greed.
I hope we all do our part in activating drastic change. That we reflect on how we can act as a community that includes not only every race and background but animals, plants and oceans.
I hope we use this fragile time to see everything with new, clear eyes. That we can envision what we need to do to steer into a new revolutionary direction.
I hope this is the beginning of a new normal.
My hopes haven’t changed.
Lockdown has been unlocked. The streets are filled with busy-ness and humans going about their days. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. It will never be the same as it was before but we have reached something new.
I am impatient. So much is changing. Yet I feel frustrated when I see the long queues of people outside Primark and McDonalds and wonder why they are there.
We have a lot of work to do.
I’m halfway through reading ‘Me and White Supremacy’. I am not enjoying it. It’s taking me longer because sometimes I feel triggered and I need to spend additional time journaling to understand why and my role in it and how I can change. It’s part of my commitment that I made to do the work.
Journaling has graced a whole new level of joy.
Plannher was released into the world this weekend along with all these potent energies. A quarter of the stock sold within the first 3 days. I have never felt more supported and held by my community than now. It’s a testament of consistent hard work across many years and a reflection of the genuinely beautiful souls that find themselves in my sphere. I hope they sell out by the end of September.
From the bottom of my heart, I am so deeply grateful. For all of it.

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