If you’ve been journeying with me the last few months, then you would know that I’ve been blatantly hinting away at the fact that I’ve been creating a rework of our digital digs here on viendamaria.com.
And if you’ve been sauntering alongside me for even longer, maybe a year or two or more, you would know that this space has gone through some pretty major shifts throughout it’s very short life-time.
Something that started as a blog to get me through my own confusions, slowly grew into a platform from which your soul could drink and fill up the palpable needs of connection, dreams, love, freedom, and endless possibilities.
So today, I am extremely — oh-so-incredibly — delighted to unveil and share with you the latest and most magnificent iteration of our online gypset queendom. And I say OUR, because that’s exactly what it is. Yours and mine. Without you, it would be equally as nothing, as it would be, without me.
Have a look around, get comfortable and re-aquaint yourself with all the nooks and corners of the new site.
There’s some things that have stayed the same.
Like, I’m still here, blogging + coaching — awakening you and shaking you to remember, and believe, in your day-dreams.
And some things that are new.
Like the free 4 Step Credo To More Love, Soul + Freedom course that you get when you sign up. It’s in PDF format so download = instant. Not to mention the 2 very special bonuses I’ve included within. (Don’t worry, if you’ve already signed up in the past, you’ll be getting your copy straight in your inbox!)
I’ve also got a really wonderful surprise addition: Lena from The Power Path, will be sharing her tri-monthly astrological updates with us from now on, every Full Moon, New Moon and of course at the start of each new month.
And we have got some über-incredible blog posts lined up, that will inspire you to take those next steps and finally fly. Not to mention, interviews coming up with fellow gypsetters: a high-end fashion designer; a singer/songwriter/jewelry designer; a karate world champion; a well-travelled business coach — just to name a few.
Read this, if you want to discover another aspect of my story. It may stun you.
Read this, if you’re wondering what other people have to say about me.
Read this, if you’ve been curious about working with me, and want to know more.
Read this, if you’re interested in more resources, and lots of free goodness.
Read this, if you been meaning to shoot me an email about something that excites you.
Whoosh! I’m getting all dizzy and heady from all this excitement, and all the yummy, juicy goodness I’ve got in store for you.
So, for now, let me just say:
Welcome! And welcome back! And please come again, and again, and again!
Also, let me be candid with you for a moment. I want to be really honest and sincere here. This new site, and everything that has come with it, and all the projects that I’m currently working on. They haven’t come easily.
Over the past 7 weeks, I’ve had to face my own fears of success not to mention incidents that can only be described as Upper Limit Problems, which included two trips to the hospital, for two very different reasons and an undignified array of physical ailments and obstacles.
Those of you who don’t know what ULP is let me enlighten you briefly. ULP is a term created by Gay Hendricks, from his book The Big Leap – which you obviously must read. Essentially, the Upper Limit Problem refers to how our subconscious sabotages ourselves when we reach higher levels of success. It’s fascinating to discover that we have to break through our own limitations not only at a psychological level, but simultaneously at a cellular, physical as well as emotional and spiritual level.
Creating your life with in intention, as I am, is wonderful. But it certainly doesn’t come easily. It takes tenacity, determination, a willingness to outgrow yourself and those around you, and lots of hard work. When you want a life that fulfils you on every level of your being, one that dreams are made of, you have to face your own darkest corners, make smart, informed decisions, and work your ass off.
And you know what? It’s so totally worth it. Every tear, every doubt and fear, frustrated head-banging and every single drip of sweat along the way. It’s so empowering to be able to create our own realities.
I just absolutely love, adore and cherish you. Thank you for being here, sharing this journey with me. And for being you.
Now, go! Look around. Explore.
And let me know what you think.
P.S. I’ve got another surprise lined up for you later this week. Keep your eyes wide open for it!!!

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