{easy to make delicious muesli that’s high in protein, grain + sugar free + makes people take their pants off}

I had a craving for muesli recently but wanted something gluten free and high in goodness, which unfortunately none of the store bought cereals are. They may be gluten free but they’re generally full of puffed cereals to fill the space as well as sugar and then are also really expensive to top it all off. Grrrrrr!
So I decided to make my own, using coconut flakes to replace the oat component and added activated nuts and seeds to complete the muesli and turn it into a super-food. You can find out more about activated nuts here. (Every time I say “activated nuts” my male friends tend to nervously giggle, I can’t imagine why!)
The day I made this delicious breakfast treat a friend of mine came to visit while the muesli was cooling and inquired on the sensational smell. Being the generous little hostess that I am, I offered him a bowl topped off with almond milk. He sat down on the sofa, ate a spoonful, then promptly got up again and took his trousers off. Clearly I was a little bewildered and asked him what was wrong…. He replied that the muesli was so delicious he had to get more comfortable to enjoy it. There you have it kids, this muesli is so good it makes people take their pants off. So, if there’s someone in your life whom you’d dearly like to see trouser-less, you know what to do! Make this sexy granola.

nutty crunchy sexy homemade granola
I don’t really measure things so please use your imaginations and intuition when it comes to amounts. All nuts and seeds were activated over night and dried during the day prior to preparation.
a packet of organic coconut flakes
a small packet of hazelnuts
a small packet of mixed sunflower and pumpkin seeds
lots of almonds (maybe 2-3 handfuls which were peeled after being soaked overnight) and then roughly chopped
2-3 tbs stevia
a good shake of cinnamon & some freshly ground nutmeg
1 cup of melted coconut oil
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius and get a large baking tray ready.
Place all the ingredients in a large bowl ( you can edit to suit your tastes, I think goji berries would be a delicious inclusion) and mix thoroughly, preferably with your hands and lots of love.
Spread the mix out on the baking tray and place in the oven for 30 minutes, or until toasted to suit your liking, stirring with a wooden spoon every 5-10 minutes so the granola mix is evenly toasted all over.
Take out of the oven and allow to cool.  I got a bit too excited this time because I wanted to go out and not leave a mess in the kitchen resulting in me packing the granola away into glass containers before it was completely cool resulting in a loss of crunchiness so learn from my mistake and exercise your patience when you do it!
Bon apetit! I tend to serve it with almond milk but with yogurt and berries would be delicious too. I’m sure you’re very clever and will come up with a multitude of combinations!
This is very yummy, very filling and full of active proteins and healthy fats which are a great way to both start or end the day. Enjoy and share your own experiments and variations with all of us on Facebook, Twitter or the comments section below.

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