The lovely Yoko from Shokuiku Australia recently interviewed me, and asked some really great questions on my spiritual path, tips to deal with self doubt and why I love nutritious food.
1. You are working on “building your own business and blog website guide”. Why did you start on this and why do you think it is necessary for people to have a guidance and support for this community?
I once read a business book by two very switched on guys called Rework and a point that really stuck with me was that there is no such thing as waste. All experiences and processes we go through are valuable, not only for ourselves but also to help others. When I first create my online presence I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and therefore did enormous amounts of research and learnt so much form many different sources in order OT be able to build the image and brand that I wanted. After some time other bloggers and friends started asking me how I did it so I decided to compile a little e-guide with everything I have learnt from the process so far. For me clearly my site is an ongoing project and I’m no web whizz but I can share what I know and that’s how the Create Your Own Business Blog guide was born. I’ve finished the copy and just have to start working out the design so hopefully it’ll be available soon!
2. Do you have a favourite blog post that you have done?
I’d say my favourite post at the moment is What’s For You Won’t Pass You By
3. Do you have a favourite blogger?
There are so many fantastic bloggers in so many different facets that I adore and admire so there’s no way for me to choose a favourite. I really appreciate all the talented people who share their unique gifts and viewpoints on the web with all of us.
4.How do you find your own voice, do you read lots of other bloggers for inspirations and ideas?
Finding my own voice was certainly a process but I’ve come to realise that I write the best when I am completely myself, authentic and voicing my own opinions, thoughts and ideas without worrying what others may think. For me, reading other people’s work doesn’t influence my own writing, I think if it did my writing style would change and would no longer represent who I am and what I want to say.
5.Were you always a spiritual person?
I believe we are all spiritual beings enjoying a physical experience. Whether we connect with that spiritual part of ourselves or not is entirely up to each of us. I personally went through an enormous inner transformation in my early 20’s where I became clear on what is true for me in a metaphysical sense and how I connect with my inner source which changed my life.
6.What degrees and training do you have? Does having that helps you in any ways? Any particular course you did that you’d recommend to people?
I have a degree in psychology and have studied life coaching, NLP, Reiki and read a lot of books on personal development and so on. I love to learn and continue to do so every day and really value the studies I have undertaken but I don’t believe that there is one route that suits everyone. There are so many ways to learn and the greatest lessons come from life experience. If I were to recommend something to people I would say, learn to listen to your inner guidance system. Your connect to source or spirit or whatever you would like to call it. That is where the truth and wisdom for each and every one of us lies. Courses can be a valuable way to teach us what we want to learn and confirm the wisdom that already lies within you but I don’t believe that they are a mandatory way to move forward and succeed in life.
7.You have travelled extensively and you are away again. how does it help with your personal development. do you dream about settling down at one place?
Do you have a place that calls home?
Everyone is different. I was born into a nomadic life so travelling is simply a part of me. It’s in my blood, it’s my life. I love the sensation of being between places. Travelling opens our minds, our hearts, our perceptions of life and the diversity that exists on this planet. It makes us more accepting of ourselves and of others, recognising that there are many ways to be happy and live a good life. Travelling teaches patience, letting go of expectations and trusting that what is happening is exactly what is meant to happen. It also shows us how good, kind and generous human beings across the globe are. I do dream of having a home where I can rest my laurels and store my treasures but I will always be a wanderer. In general, home is simply where I place my love, it is where I am. There is no specific place that I call my home.
8. You mention self realisation. Can you define that for us?
Self realisation is a term coined by a psychologist known as Abraham Maslow. You can read a more detailed outline of his theories here, but for me self realisation is simply recognising WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Which is much more than just this physical body and experience. You are a whole and complete entity of which your physical part is only a small aspect. You have god-like manifesting powers through your heart, intuition and your mind. We are all powerful infinite beings, recognising this is self realisation.
9. Do you have any favourite quote or stories?
I do have some favourite stories which you can read here.
10. You have a great knowledge to help people in a deeper level. Do you personally have moments that you are uncertain about yourself (like I am not good enough moments!) and if so do you have ways to shake off that feeling.
Haha, this is a great question! I am a human being just like everyone else which means I absolutely have moments of self doubt, insecurities and fears. This is a good thing because when these crop up, they show me what areas in my life I need to work at and heal underlying disruptive thoughts that I have picked up long ago and are no longer in line with who I am and where I am going. The fastest and easiest way to shake your feelings of uncertainty is to first recognise them and where they come from, which is like shining a light on them. This part of the process may feel uncomfortable but is so important. It’s like cleaning a cut before you place a plaster on it. Then you start changing your thought process by telling yourself what you want to believe around that situation, even if it doesn’t feel true for you right now. Beliefs are simply repeptitive thoughts so when you repeat them enough, they become true for you.
11. You have a few posts with healthy recipes. Why do you think it is important to nourish our bodies with good food?
Nourishing our bodies is critical because what we put in we get out. You literally are what you eat so when you out good, healthy, whole, nutritious food into your body you receive a heightened life experience as opposed to when you put crap into your body which makes you feel tired, sluggish and unmotivated. Also, feeding yourself good food is an excellent way to practise self love which is so important. You will always be treated the way you treat yourself so why not show the world that you want the best for yourself.
12. Are you a savoury or sweet person or both?
I love food so both sweet and savoury tastes are most welcome in my mouth!

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