on love, a resetting of bones & living a life that is truly my own


Years ago, when I was nursing myself out of one of my most violent heartbreaks, I documented how I was feeling and what was happening each day. There is a month that I have saved in a Pages document ~ I must have been between journals of which all have since been burned ~ that I revisited today searching for some clues on my romantic patterns. Re-reading those words I wish I had been more detailed not in what I was feeling but what the pragmatic events that were making me feel this way were.


Love is and perhaps always will be a prevalent topic for me. Familial love. Romantic love. The love between friends. Spiritual love. The love for an animal. Self-love. Love is also my most ubiquitous teacher. My relationship with love is steeped in passion, mystery and suffering followed ultimately by transcendence and growth. It is my greatest pain and my deepest pleasure. Perhaps that is the cause of my fascination.


When I think about love, I think about how love is not just words or kindness. It’s also respect, boundaries, care, consent, consistency, communication, vulnerability, honesty and so much more. The need to have messy compassion for myself and others as we waveringly walk our individual journies of life beside one another.  It is the legacy we all leave behind through our daily words, actions and choices. It is the presence that we bring and the work that we do. Ultimately, love is everything.


It’s Thursday evening here in my little flat by the seaside, past 7 pm with the sun still high in the sky beckoning the summer days ahead. I’m sitting on the sofa, winding down, writing these words to you, noticing that my body feels tired. It’s more than physical tiredness. It feels like a resetting of my bones. I have changed.


The past year has offered me a respite from the external world in a way that I did not know I needed and now that I have tasted it I want more. Day by day I am unravelling and relearning how to create a life outside the standardised systems we exist in and instead allowing the soft, gentle nature of my being to guide me into a life that is truly my own.


One of the ways I am doing this is with the Her Way ~ Cocoon: a praxis for women who are disillusioned by the old paradigm, structures, stories and narratives and willingly offer themselves over to something greater to unfold through their work. For ourselves and others. Deconstructing. Remembering. Unfolding. This cocoon is an anthropological experiment. There are a few spaces left and if you feel compelled and drawn in, I’d love to invite you to join us. Doors close at midnight tomorrow. 17 hours from now. Learn more and register here.


Another way I am doing this is with Plannher, my timeless and undated planner-and-journal-in-one. Plannher is designed to help you let go of the rigidity of traditional diaries and invite your intuition to step into your journey. It is about organising yourself while feeling your own flow, the flow of life ~ for life has a lot to offer when we take action but also get out of her way ~ so she can show us her magic. It’s about knowing when to engage & when to give her space to surprise us. The new collection and its new home went live today and I am so proud. Please, allow me to introduce you to Honey and Natural.


The rest I am experimenting with quietly in the background, on my own. It’s not about being perfect, but about softly nudging my way back home. I hope the weekend ahead brings you pockets of peace and joy, and most significantly love that reminds you of who you really are.


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