On striving for better, dissatisfaction of what is, personal growth, nurturing your soul and what the world needs more of.
I was recently interview by a brand strategist doing market research on personal development and growth for one of their products. The questions were really interesting and thought-provoking. I want to share them with you, in case they invoke some deeper insights and contemplation for you, too.
Why are we, as humans, compelled to strive for better? Or, looking at it from the other side, why aren’t we satisfied with ‘good enough’?
I love this question becomes it so adequately highlights the paradox of living! We are genetically geared, on a cellular level, to be creative and evolve. We literally can’t help but want to take what we are and have, and make it better. Our minds are essentially problem solving machines, and whenever we see a problem, we try to find a solution to make this problem go away. We are also innately creative, so the betterment process is not only about problem-solving, but also about creating a new expense or tangible thing. Herein lies the paradox: there is no such thing as perfect, or finished, or complete. We live in a constant flux of movement. We are constantly changing, evolving, creating. How do we find happiness within this process (find satisfaction)? We focus on the journey, on the process. Instead of the destination. We are never going to ‘get there’. There is no arriving. We are on an ongoing journey of betterment.
On one’s journey of personal growth, what role do self-expression and creativity play, if any? 
Everything. Self expression and creativity have everything to do with one’s journey to personal growth. Personal growth is, essentially, learning how to express oneself, and share one’s creativity, in their own unique way. The journey of self-discovery is what allows us to open up and be self-expressive and creative.
It seems like people are generally preoccupied with taking care of everything and everyone but themselves. They may exercise and eat right but they miss the part of nurturing their souls. Are you seeing the same trend in your work, and if so, what are your thoughts on why this is happening? 
I’m so glad you asked this. YES! The reason why people miss the crux of everything they are working on, is because they are focusing on their external experience of life. Their attention is outward. This is where people have amazing healing and spiritual experiences: when hey start to focus within, on their internal experience of life. When we live from within, and recognise that the external experience is simply a reflection of what is going on within, everything starts to make sense. Life becomes more fluid, easy, joyful, peaceful.
On a related note, what’s the best way for people to ‘nurture their souls’?
The best way for people to nurture their souls is to reconnect with their inner wisdom, their heart, their intuition. There are many words for it, but it’s the same thing. It’s that guiding light within each being, that works like a compass. When you start to listen, connect with and act on that guidance system, that lives within each and every one of us, that soul-juice, that deep unconditional love, and that reconnection fills us up.
In your experience as a life coach, what does the world need more of? Less of? 
Maybe the world is perfect, exactly as it is… I mean, maybe what is happening right now, is part of our evolution, part of our growth, and part of the lessons that we need to learn.
Image from The Reformation.

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