I feel quietly jubilant today. It’s a feeling of joy like an aquarium fizzing away inside me with bubbles of happiness overflowing out of me. I’m sitting at my desk chair-dancing to my latest favourite playlist on Spotify and jamming out the most productive day of work that I’ve had since… probably that day I spent in the cafe in Nelson 2 weeks ago.
Julien started his new job on Monday, and for the first time in 10 months, after travelling around New Zealand and South East Asia I have whole, endless, beautiful, wide expanses of days all alone ahead of me. It feels so good.
I often speak about how freedom is the most important thing to me. But freedom isn’t just some childish desire to do whatever I want. Freedom is having enormous amount of space and time in my life.
Time alone. Time to be. Space in my life without constant  input or need to interact with others. That’s freedom. Freedom is having enough money to be supported in having abundance of space and time. Freedom is having connections with other people who get it.
Whether we like it or not, it’s other people that have the biggest impact on our lives, the choices we make, the way we feel.
For example:
— It wasn’t until I met Jason, and learned through observation, exactly how my thoughts created my world, and what I could do to manifest a much happier, fun-filled, fulfilling life for myself, by choosing to see things the way I wanted them to be.
— When I first started travelling, I was 23. I met a professional hula-hoop dancer who travelled the world working at festivals, and I thought I want to do that! Not the hula-hoop part, but the travel the world and work at music festivals. She showed me what is possible. The next festival I wanted to go to was in the south of Turkey. So I emailed them and told them what I was good at: organising and being creative. They hired me as their artist coordinator. I had to welcome the musicians, manage their schedules and make sure they were backstage an hour before their set. It became my career for 5 years.
— After so much freedom and fun, I knew I couldn’t give it up. There wasn’t a job in the world that I thought would live up to the vision I had for myself and my life. I decided I had to create my own job. So I joined a program called BSchool. The women in that course gave me the foundation to create a business and the confidence to follow my whimsical dreams. By seeing how others succeed, I found ways to succeed, too.
Other people have the biggest impact in our lives.
Which is why I am so proud of the enthusiastic folk in the private Manifest More Facebook group. Every day, they come together in this space we have created, cheer each other on, share examples of what has worked for them and what hasn’t, and devotedly show up for themselves and each other. They come together to show each other the way, and impact each other’s lives.
They show each other what’s possible, encourage one another to reach for more and celebrate their unified desire to create a life that is extraordinary. One that they are madly in love with.
As Andy Andrew says:
“Every single thing you do matters. You have been created as one of a kind. You have been created in order to make a difference. You have within you the power to change the world.”
And everything you do, impacts someone else. You might teach them, uplift them, guide them, show them, offer them alternatives, open their eyes to something new, simply by being you.
Manifest More begins on Monday.
One thing that I know for sure is that this course and the vibrant interactions that happen inside our private Facebook make a huge difference. Manifest More provides a gentle platform for change, champions those who take leaps of faith into choosing a life that they are madly in love with, and provides encouraging structures to let go of fear and step into fully creating your life instead of being at the mercy of your circumstances.
I’d love you to join us.
Now is a good time: https://viendamaria.com/manifest-more-2/

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