☽ no ordinary planner & journal
❂ undated, magical, intuitive
ᐄ FSC & ethically made in Europe

made for women

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About Your Plannher

Plannher is a timeless and undated planner-and-journal-in-one which offers high-level purposeful practices to feel organised with a sense of direction.
This planner-and-journal was created to inspire clarity, trust, harmony, creativity and spiritual connection to self while setting meaningful and realistic goals, into your months, weeks, and days.
Plannher is designed to help you let go of the rigidity of traditional diaries and invite your intuition to step into your journey.
It is about organising yourself while feeling your own flow, the flow of life – for life has a lot to offer when we take action but also get out of her way, so she can show us her magic. It’s about knowing when to engage & when to give her space to surprise us.
So, are you ready to tune in?

Plannher is split into three parts: The Introduction, The Map and The Journey, to help you identify your authentic map to your unique journey while creating a life that is truly your own. This is no ordinary journaling method and planner.
Plannher teaches you self-reflection tools, practices and approaches to bring your internal compass to the surface to guide your life.
You get a physical touch-point that you can return home to day-by-day to actively be a conscious participant on your own path.
Plannher is timeless.
It doesn’t start the year on January 1st. It starts when you want it to. Does your personal year start on your birthday? On the astrological new year? When you go back to school or start a new job? You get to decide and make the world work for you, on your personal timeline.
We will show you how.

Your Plannher Stats

  • 22 x 16 x 3.5 cm (a smidge larger than A5)
  • Ethically produced in Europe
  • Linen-Bound Hardcover Book in Natural
  • 4 Satin ribbon bookmarks in natural
  • Gold-stamped logo
  • White FSC paper
  • 496 pages
  • A simple introduction to Plannher
  • Half planner (first half of book) ‘The Map’
  • Half journal (second half of book) ‘The Journey’
  • Moon phases, quarterly planning & energy of the days of the week included
  • Detailed instructions on how to best use your Plannher
  • Plannher symbol key
  • Weekly planning spread & love to-do list & gratitude x 52 weeks
  • New moon intentions lists & full moon reflections list x 12 months
  • Intentional monthly to-do list x 12 months
  • Monthly money tracking x 12 month
  • Quarterly vision map x 4
  • Capsule Wardrobe style guide
  • Dot grid pages for journaling
  • Inspiring quotes penned by our founder Vienda Maria on occasional pages

“Thank you so much for creating Plannher. I am literally in awe. I’ve been using the book since January and I’ve just gotten off a phone call getting some news that I have been putting into manifestation since January but have been wanting to bring into my life for 10 years. And literally today I just got a phone call and I feel like Plannher has really helped me. So thank you so much and I am so grateful.”

“I love the plannher so much and it has changed my life. It is definitely my fave purchase this year! I think it binds just the right amount of structure with enough space for openness and freedom to explore without boundaries, I see it as a beautiful fusion of Virgo and Piescean energy!”

“I just got my Plannher. Wanted to tell you how beautiful I think it is. I held it in my hands and sat with it for a few minutes with my eyes closed just to feel its energy – it was such an uplifting experience. And that was before I even opened it! Just reading through the first few pages. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And I’m so excited to make it a part of my life. Thank you!”

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“This is so exciting! I ordered my Plannher last summer & I adore it. It is honestly THE planner I’ve been searching for my entire life. Thank you for creating it!”

“I said to my husband the other day, I am in love with my planner and will now purchase yearly because it is so good! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!”

“I am a journal/planner/notebook junkie and I have to say that this Plannher might be the BEST product I’ve ever found. Like blown away with how well it fits my life.”

“My Plannher arrived and I just cannot wait to start it. The planets and days of the week has really drawn me in. Makes sooo much sense. I cannot wait to honour my Mondays with the Moon energies.”

“My Plannher finally arrived! I love it! Biggest thank you. I actually bought three diaries beginning of the year and none of them felt right. I knew I needed a diary with a journal attached. Plannher is perfect and it arrived so timely before my bleed!”

“I’ve just ordered another just in case you sell out!”

“Just wanted to say I ordered a Plannher recently and it arrived recently and I was so blown away! The design is beautiful, it’s so much bigger and more substantial than I expected and best of all, the cover. I love the texture of the cover! Can’t wait to get started using it! Great job on it!”

“I just received my gorgeous Plannher and it is everything I hoped it would be and more! Thank you for creating such a beautiful tool for women to forge their dreams with.”

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