Please: keep your secrets, secret
Here’s a secret: I’m a very private person.
Here’s another secret: I share as much as I do because it allows me to create a controlled sphere of privacy around my life. Also: because it heals me. And: it helps you.
There are other secrets that I hold close to my heart too: the big things that I (secretly) want to manifest.
I’ve noticed that, when I really, really, really want something… And it’s big and scary and new, that I very quietly and inconspicuously go about calling it into my life. I hold it close, nurture it with intention and clarity, and take inspired action towards what I want, without telling a single soul. It’s my secret, and I’ll keep it, until it’s strong enough to withstand the elements of judgment, expectation and criticism.
I find that, when I share a secret wish too soon, the energy and movement that has been building up around it through my intention, focus and action, comes to a terrifying and complete standstill. What was once something thrilling filled with excitement and anticipation seems to have lost its allure and it’s momentum. Suddenly, the magic, and the manifestation is gone.
A few days ago, Julien and I went for a walk along the river in these woods.
Nearby stands an old insane asylum that is slowly deteriorating. It is full of secrets. We could feel them, curling up around our toes and fingers as we slowly drove past. I am secretly breathlessly enraptured with the idea of having a photo shoot there. It’s something I want to make manifest.
As we walked, I realised something. Secrets hold a potent, powerful magic.
Secrets are the womb for all our creative ideas, biggest ambitions and slightest yearnings and desires. Secrets create a safe space, untouched by the rest of the world, to sow the seeds of our dreams and wishes. They are the invisible threads that hold the web of life together: the tiniest and grandest hopes we hold for ourselves and our futures.
All of manifestation begins with a secret.
Secrets used to be an integral part of our lives. Long ago when witches, and priestesses and kings and wild men ruled our world, they used secrets as containers for magic and manifestations. Keeping secrets connected us with the unseen world, the spirits of ourselves and our lands. We knew that through secrets we could manifest things that existed beyond our imaginations. Secrets were our conduits to our dreams.
It is not necessary to lose that connection. We are still able to manifest and make magic through the use of ritual.
Let us summon a trial: choose a secret wish, something you’d absolutely love to make manifest. Make sure you keep your secret, secret. Don’t tell a single soul. Keeping this secret is like having a magic helping hand in which you can put the power of manifesting to good use.
Do my free 7 day manifesting course, starting today.
And watch what happens, when you hold that energy close. The things you create through this potent portal are more powerful than you can imagine.
This is where the magic lies.

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