Recording thoughts in audio allow us to be much more uninhibited in expressions and conveyance.


Welcome to the re.define podcast where our host Vienda Maria shares her own stories and speaks to authorities and experts to discover what it takes to redefine life specific to the 9 key elements: body, emotions, relationships, work, purpose, environment, lifestyle, finances, and spirit.


All of us have stories about ourselves that define who we think we are. Our personal narrative and dialogue define our life experiences. As within, so without. This is why it’s important to regularly explore and update our beliefs. That’s what we do here at re.define.




Before re.define there were voice notes:

Raw, unedited voice notes much like the ones that are passed between myself and my closest circle, discussing the latest news and laying our most vulnerable truths on the table.
Delivered every month or so…

APRIL 2021








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