When things are tough and I’m no longer certain about anything anymore, I go back to basics and re-establish what is truth. What is truly important to me.
I decree to be completely transparent + honest in my life, even if it means hurting my ego or others. And if I happen to fail I hope to become aware of this failure + learn from it.
I choose to live in beauty. I embrace a life filled with beauty as it is all around + choose to surround myself by beautiful environments, people + sensual experiences.
Love comes in many shapes + forms, + from many individual places in unique ways. I LOVE love. I give love at every opportunity + receive it every single day.
I relish the feeling of abundance in all aspects of life. Having enough. Being enough. Seeing the good in everything + everyone. Practicing gratitude + appreciation for all of life.
Life appears + expresses itself in an infinite number of variations. Being respectful of that is such a precious thing.
Acceptance of the self + of others is imperative. + it creates peace + understanding.
Inner peace begets outer peace. If we all make peace with ourselves the world will become a tremendously loving, healthy, vibrant + happy place.
This is another way of expressing the flow of life. When life flows + you move with it, that infinite, delicate life balance remains in tact, continuously changing + moving.

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