reading between the lines


You are bridging the divide between the seen and unseen. You, and our world, are made up of empty space filled with energy. Energy that whirs and vibrates and pulses in a symphony of responses to each holy instant. To now. And now. And then now, again.


Cosmic rays, high-energy intelligence from outer space smacking into our atmosphere shower down on the surface of the Earth and pass through you at a rate of about 10 per second informing and causing subtle mutations in all of us.


There is so much happening within and without us.


Subtle, nuanced, ethereal energetic shifts that our neural pathways can only catch as a side glance and our mother-tongue languages miss altogether. But it is here. An inner knowing, a constant wide awake and watchful awareness for these mysterious that we are born into bone and flesh of.


When you are interacting with another, you are offering them an opportunity to interpret their personal reality — how they have been shaped and defined — through the mirror of your presence and Being. One energetic sequence activates and reflects another. A relationship holier than words but defined by the limitations of communication.




You have tapped into the transcendent and important skill of being able to read between the lines. To observe and feel the nuanced energetics that is at play in the person whom you are facing and holding space for.


That requires presence,
your ability to stay out of your head
and softly anchored in your body.


Where you are not thinking about the next thing to say,
but feeling in your body and letting the essence and energy
of the other person land with you.


Through your energetic presence, you are able to help people answer the seminal questions they have always struggled with: How do I perceive myself? How do I perceive the people in my life, and why do I relate to them in the ways that I do? How do I encounter the world in a more meaningful way? And, what is my higher purpose in having incarnated here?


Your presence becomes a grand voyage of self-discovery where your counterpart can encounter the multidimensional aspects of their own inner and outer lives.


Your presence animates their life and allows them to acknowledge their own power, how they use or deny their power, presenting them with an opportunity to step out of their past. This is the mystical grace of human-to-human contact through space holding.



Nobody talks about it or teaches it
because it is intangible…
and hard to explain in words (though I will try).


It can only be felt.
As a devotional act.


Body leads.
Mind follows.
Immersed in inner guidance and trust.


An imperfect practice.
In each and every holy instant.


I am speaking to the unseen, unspoken art of reading between the lines when you are mentoring another. Which requires the ability to feel the nuanced energetic intelligence sparking off them beyond and betwixt the things they say. Words are often overshadowing the real truth and truth is what you are here to witness, see and draw out. As divined by your unique perspective and offering to the world.


But it comes at a price. The price is owning your truth, first.


Mentorship is unsexy because it requires personal responsibility.
It means owning what is silently running the show in your life beneath it all. 


It means identifying your gifts. And your weaknesses.
It means reaching out and asking for help and support. Which feeds into sisterhood.
It means being vulnerable and having the integrity to know that you don’t know it all. That you don’t have it all together. That you are a messy human like all of us.


And yet.
Still being willing to play the part in this cosmic dance that we are dancing. To see and feel the parts of life that are the mystery and hold it gently in your hands so we may all drink from its precious source of wholeness and wellness. Without each other we are nothing.


And so.
We need each other to be the life spark that reflects us and reminds us of what we are capable of in a physical world that is mostly an illusion made up of legions of flickering vibrations beyond our capacity to hold in our minds. We need each other to remind us that we are limitless and capable and the desires in our hearts are the same flames as the dead stars that sparkle in the skies and this is how we walk each other home.


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Join us if your soul strings are tugging out a new melody in response to this.


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