Last week I shared a note from one of my beautiful coaching clients about how things in her life were feeling a little bit too hard, which you can find here. And she was meeting this resistance in getting the things she wanted to get done, with pushing harder, trying more, trying to stride ride through it. Her efforts then were met with more resistance and she found herself in a loop of not getting things done and not feeling good.

Remember that no matter what the situation, resistance is always met with more resistance.

Just like acceptance is always met with more acceptance and flow.
Even though it is considered counterintuitive to STOP PUSHING when things aren’t flowing, that is, in fact, exactly what we need to do.
There is a reason why things are flowing with ease and grace. And until we pay attention and discover what the reason is, and what we need to do change it, our efforts will be met with resistance and life will feel harder than we KNOW it should be.
For me, when I catch myself pushing, or trying too hard or forcing something, I know that I’ve moved into a fear pattern, or ego mindset and behavior. This is a like a big red light, a warning sign that I’m accidentally taking a step away from my truth, my path and my guiding intuition which keeps me connected with Life, with Love and All That Truly Matters.

When I meet resistance, I let go. Immediately.

Whatever I was trying to do, whatever expectations or attachment to an outcome that I have created, I let it go. I know that this doesn’t serve me, and is an ego, controlling behavior which closes me off from the magic and miracles the this Life provides, when I allow the space for it.
And instead, I bring myself back to my center, to trust, to inner softness and grace. I do this by spending time in nature, taking time off, leaving tasks undone and ACCEPTING that this is exactly what I need to right now and TRUSTING that things will work them out by themselves, better than expected. And they always do.
Other things I do are meditate, do yoga, swim in the ocean if I’m near one, play with children, go for a long walk, meet up with friends who enlighten and inspire me, journal, anything that I love to do and that makes me feel good.
I take my attention away from that which is the source or effect of the resistance that I’m experiencing in my life, and instead place it on the things that are easy, fun, in the flow and feel good.
Once my mind is clear, calm, at peace and ready to view things with a fresh heart and creativity, I normally find that a solution has already transpired, or I have renewed inspiration to complete the tasks, or have found a new system that suits me better.
I KNOW that every task, goal, and dream which is supposed to be completed will. All I have to do is show up, in my truth, and allow it to happen. Resistance is simply a sign that there needs to be more space and time allowed into whatever is happening. And that something is required to change.
Why the resistance, I can’t tell you, because it varies extensively in every situation. This is where YOU have to tune in, and listen. Ask your inner wisdom, what it wants you to do. Trust the answer and do that. Here is a simple guide on how I listen to my intuition. And before long, your life will return to its delightful, easy flow.

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