A 5-week live-led prescriptive journey to move through the chaos of reinvention.


Renew is about becoming radically aligned with what gives you pleasure and makes you come alive.
Permission to be unconventional and break with the traditions and old habits in your life that are outdated.
Getting radical asking for and stating what you need and then going for it. 

A process of teasing out what is most important for you.
And then living it.


Expansion. Spirituality. Pragmatism. Relevance. Community. Connection. Change.

We want more because we are wanting. The longing comes from lacking something. The only way we know how to fill that wanting is through the means that our cultures and societies have offered us: new things, clothes, gadgets, relationships, experiences, and career successes.

Yet… we are still wanting. Still lacking. Still longing for something. Left not knowing how to fill ourselves up.

Renew is a chance to change that. 

It’s a journey to uncover your soul’s deeper longings beyond the superficial nature of our day-to-day worlds and dive into a subterranean realm that connects mind body and heart at the level of life being lived through you.


Together we will be redefining what we want our lives to look like.
It’s going to be entirely unique and individual for each one of you.
You will be bridging the gap between fear and doing what you’re made for.


Registration opens: Monday 6th June
Registration closes: Sunday 3rd July
We begin: Monday 4th July

4 live calls held on Tuesdays at 6 pm GMT
Europe: 7 pm CEST
Australia: 5 am AEDT
USA: 1 pm EST / 10 am PST

Delivery: 5-week journey

☽ Weekly live & recorded calls
☽ Multi-media course
☽ Online community

PRICE £150

limited spaces


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I know that across the past year you’ve watched me pull back, change, lose my voice, and lose my sense of identity and belonging in this world. I became quieter, cautious, anxious and forlorn in a way I have never experienced before. Much of the time felt like a passive, semi-conscious incubus. I felt so disconnected from the world and from myself.


I withdrew and found myself grieving everything. Anything could make me cry. It was so difficult to be a human being and exist in the world for a good portion of the past year. I wanted to feel better do better be a generous open-hearted human and friend and creative person but there was zero capacity or even availability within me to do so.


Then one day about a month ago… I was done with my own bullshit. I’d had enough. I decided it was time to reinvent and reset and renew myself. It’s something I’ve done many times before but never as intentionally as I am doing it now. I know that many of you are on a similar trajectory.


The past two years have left an aftershock reverberating through us. The stress of not really knowing what was happening and nothing making sense left most of us reeling and grappling with new coping habits.


Now we feel vulnerable, unsteady, stripped of our prior confidence and bravado. Not only in ourselves but in the world we live in. And yet… we know… It’s time. We are ready for reinvention. We have an opportunity to recreate ourselves and our lives based on a whole new set of rules and values. We’ve grown matured, wisened, become more compassionate, de-armoured, sat with our trauma and felt it all so deeply.


Renew is a 5-week live journey to recalibrate ourselves, realign and make new choices for the rest of our lives that actually live up to what we truly value and care about. 


Orientation Week: Monday 4th to Sunday 10th of July
Meet your accountability partner; complete the prerequisite digital mini-course and groundwork and get to know your RENEW community.


SPACE — Live Call 1: Tuesday, July, 12th at 6 pm GMT
Your thoughts and emotions have to be in alignment to create real change.
who you need to be and what you need to do to have the kind of life you actually want.
Know how to give yourself space and welcome silence to find the answers to live in integrity.
(And what that actually means.)


EDIT — Live Call 2: Tuesday, July, 19th at 6 pm GMT
What are you holding onto that’s taking up mental, emotional or physical space in your life and holding you back? 
Do a full life edit: How you dress, how you do your hair, your identity, who you spend time with your social media and digital relationships. Keep breaking down what doesn’t work so we can build something better.


AWAKEN — Live Call 3: Tuesday, July, 26rd at 6 pm GMT
Your invitation to your reinvention. An awakening of a part of you that has laid dormant or repressed for too long and to integrate your edits. Discover your life’s WHY and write a life statement to live in alignment with.
Have important meaningful hard conversations.
Generate hope for your future.


EXPAND — Live Call 4: Tuesday, August, 2nd at 6 pm GMT
Explore the integral steps that lead you into a brand new life.
Renewal is quiet, diligent work.


(Full price from Friday 17th June: £150)

limited spaces


[IMPORTANT: When you register, make sure you tick yes ✔ to receive emails otherwise you will miss the most important information. If you accidentally missed that step you can opt-in to emails following these steps.]

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