Life, happiness and your experience of it is all about perspective. And the fun thing is that you totally get to choose your point of view, every single day.
Some people call this action to re-frame. Reframing your thoughts. Putting them into a new perspective. Seeing things from a different point of view. The perspective in which YOU’RE the hero and the world is great.
Have you found a few disgruntling beliefs or thoughts adding shadows to your otherwise rainbow coloured world? Here’s how to change them:

  1. Catch that thought. Become aware of it and where and why it has cropped up. Don’t judge it. Just become clear on what it is and if you can, why you’re holding on to it. Maybe you read it somewhere. Maybe someone told you it was true once. Maybe you picked it up subconsciously.
  2. Challenge it. What would happen if this belief was no longer true for you? How much sweeter, happier, easier would life be for you?
  3. Replace that thought. With something loving. Something tender and compassionate. With something you would actually like to be true in your life, even if it hasn’t manifested itself yet. And if you can’t think of something “I deeply love and accept myself just the way I am” never fails!
  4. Move forward. Let go of the process once all the steps have been completed. Trust life to use the momentum of change to move you into the new positive beliefs and thoughts that you have created.


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