Yesterday I sent out an email to my list of VIG’s (Very Important Gypsetter’s) about what a challenging month November has been. (You can get my exclusive emails too, by signing up here.)
I’m pretty excited that 2013 is coming to an end. Now don’t get me wrong, I really, really, really love and appreciate this year.
And in that same breath, this year has broken me, taken me apart and challenged me in ways I never thought it could. There’s a lot of interesting energies swiveling around in our universe at the moment, and for sensitive creatures like me (and you), we are getting the butt-hole end of the stick. If the universe was a stick. And the stick had a butt-hole. I guess you’ll just have to use your imagination with that one.
To deal with all the energetic chaos around us, which is encouraging us to look deep within at our own patterns (since, after all, the universe is a reflection of us all, as a collective consciousness) I’ve had to bring in an entourage of guides, helpers, healers and experts to help me. ‘Cause some of this stuff is too sticky to handle on my own.
As my astrologist Zoe says:
“To really be magnificent we need to thoroughly purge harmful subconscious thoughts and feelings that have been programmed into us over centuries. When planetary energies are strong as they are now, in the last two months of this year and first month of the next, we have the ability to be our own psychologist, getting to the root cause and changing everything from the inside out.”
For me, the way that these energetic changes and the invitation to face my deeper processes, have been rising up as so:

  • Unusual highs and lows in my emotions. One day I am super happy, grateful and joyful, so much so that I feel I might burst. And on the next day I am lamenting my fears and sorrows as if the world was about to end. This is not usual for me. Through meditation and remaining connected with our Source and inner wisdom, my sense of self is normally quite stable, calm and content. I tend to experience the highs and lows as an observer rather than an active participant, with the understanding that “this too, shall pass” as Buddha kindly reminds us. But this year, the universe decided it was lesson time, and to really shake my foundations to see which ones are weak and where I need to rebuild.
  • Deep fears coming to the surface about my personal stability in a material sense. The beauty of travelling is that you never fully have to step into the physical realm, but rather can live on the edges of physical and metaphysical reality which for me, is very sweet. I’m good at trusting and living with the unknown. As long as I don’t have too many commitments or responsibilities it’s easy for me to live this way. And I am also aware that in order for me to create real change in this world, I need to learn to bridge the realms of the material and the metaphysical. Am I getting a bit too woo woo for you here? Let my say it in a more practical sense. I’m really good at the spiritual side of life and less good at the physical side of it. I am good at sensing, intuiting, being creative, ideation, feeling and perceiving. I’m less good at completing tasks, at doing mundane tasks, at data entry, at paying bills and organising household things. The latter tends to stress me out.
  • Grief. Feeling really sad, and mourning. It feels kind of like a break up; when you know that you’re not right for each other, but you still feel attached to the person. I’m breaking up with some deep-set limiting beliefs. I’m letting go of some generation-deep behaviour patterns. And it hurts and makes me feel really, really sad. And that’s ok.

I am not complaining. I am just aware of the lessons that are here for me to be learnt. These are my karma. And I know that when I’ve faced them, worked through them and allowed them to pass, that life will transport me to a whole new, shiny, pretty and happy level of experience. These reflected patterns are an opportunity to grow and be more what I already am. It means more ease, more fun and more magic. All the time. And that’s what I really want.
How do I work through these things?

  • I journal. Writing is my therapy, my art, my best friend and my counsellor. Everything I’m questioning, I just let it flow out from the tip of my pen. And the more I write the more clarity I get as my pen writes answers out for me. I recommend journaling to everyone I know, especially my clients. It gives you permission to honestly state what’s on your mind, and then allow your inner wisdom to process it without all the voices in your head trying to have their say.
  • I exercise. I walk, I do yoga, and the last couple of months I’ve been seeing my trainer David, who specialises in TRX training which is absolutely amazing. In a few short weeks he has transformed my body to the most toned form I’ve ever had. I kind of love him. Even when he makes me cry. And I’ve learnt that having physical strength also translates into having mental and spiritual strength. Basically it’s a 3-in-1 formula.
  • I ask for help. I speak to my wisend girlfriends and manfriends about what I’m going through. And they simply give me permission to feel what I am feeling. And then I see my Kinesiologist Claudia who helps me shift deep patterns without having to intellectualize them, and my astrologist Zoe, to see where the planets in my chart are situated to make sure I make the best of them and work with the energies at hand. And finally, when it needs a deeper shift, I get some EFT done with my friend Magnus. He really knows his stuff and is great at getting to the bottom of the icky and sticky.

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