It’s been one hell of a start to the new year. Not only did it begin in the most unexpected ways, but I have a feeling that this year, everything is really coming together, as predicted by THIS¬†amazing article on what the energies of 2014 have in store for us.
On NYE one of my favourite Gypset friends Lily, surprised me not only with an awesome party in famous Brighton, about an hour drive from London to the coast, but also a spontaneous road-trip which ended up lasting 18 days.
After 10 days flew past in the vortex that is Brighton, and helping our friend Carlito Burrito decorate his new Mexican restaurant in preparation for its opening at the end of this month, we ventured forth and did some good British sight-seeing. From Arundel Castle, where we indulged in the sordid history of an unfaithful man and the unrequited love from his wife, to delightful ‘Cream Tea’ which consists of homemade scones smothered with clotted cream and sweet strawberry jam and served with black tea to wash it all down, we continued west.
A couple of days were spent in Glastonbury, the highlight of which for me is the Tor which, like much of Glastonbury, has come to host a large variety of mystical beliefs. Nature mythology, paganism, Christian legends, and newer ideas about life the universe and everything have all found a comfortable, nurturing niche for themselves within Tor lore.
We met an archeologist who explained some of the history of ‘Avalon’ which is considered to be the spirit body of Glastonbury, and also the place where Arthur and Guinevere are supposed to be buried. Not to mention being entertained for several hours in the local pub, by a man who claimed to remember all of his past lives since the beginning of Earth (11,000 years ago to be precise), who shared incredible tales of feats of virtue and revenge with aliens, asceint Beings and the afterworld.
Then onwards and upwards we travelled, north to Bristol where we explored and spent a couple of nights; followed by Nottingham, the infamous home of Robin Hood, Maid Marion and Sherwood Forest. I was lucky enough to stay in a traditional old farmhouse and get a feel for what life might have been like, in years long past.
In true Gypset style, I love being spontaneous, and it also meant that I have to be flexible with the way I run my business, especially during this period. I have had the intuitive feeling to take a little break from my regular blogging schedule, which has been at least two posts a week for almost 3 years now, and so I cut down to only posting when I felt I had something important to share. I’m going to stick with keeping things a little more low-key and casual for the rest of this month, while I work on some other things.
What I have been focusing on instead is giving my current coaching clients as much value as possible, as I wrap up many of them, as they come to the end of their 6 month Gypset Mindset program. This means I have some spaces opening up for 5 new clients to come on board which I wrote about HERE. You can find out more about the Gypset Mindset program HERE.
When I arrived back in London a few days ago, I spent some time in a recording studio to record a special little surprise for you, which I’ll be giving away for FREE as soon as my audio technician has finished tinkering with it. I can’t wait to show you when it’s ready! (I texted him today and he said that I’ll have it in a week… I feel like pestering him every day until it’s ready, but am trying to be patient.)
And in between all of this, I’ve been working on a very special little course for you: Gypset Releasing Rituals ~ A 7 Day Program. It is a week long program filled with positive affirmations, meditations, rituals and dream building, to help you through some of those most challenging and confronting times. For those times in life where the only thing you can do is let go, mourn the past, forgive and stretch yourself in order to face the future.
It’s for those big changes: the break-ups, the endings, the job losses, the cross-global moves, the deaths and the heart-breaks which are simply a part of our human experience and any well-lived life.
I’ll also be recording the entire program, including all the meditations for you, so you can sink back, relax and allow this program to carry you through your challenges, soothe your soul, and fill you up, so can start facing your life again from a place of live, forgiveness and inspiration.
I’m hoping to have this beautiful baby ready for you by the end of this month. Watch this space!

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