Seeing 'signs' mean that something is manifesting.
Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. Abraham Hicks
There’s some heated debate out there, in the world, about whether “signs” exist.
I know that there have been times in my life, where things have dramatically felt out of my control, and I was down on my knees begging, looking and hoping for a sign, on what I should do.
Maybe you have done it too.
No? Maybe? Can’t remember?
Some psychologists say that “signs” are simply a form of superstition. We all know that what we focus on, we see more of. I remember in my first year of my psych degree, when our lecturer motioned to us to recall how, when we bought our first car, for example, suddenly we saw that type of car everywhere, when previously, it had been essentially invisible.
The caveat here, is in the belief.
Let’s assume that there is no such thing as a coincidence. That everything that happens is perfectly aligned for your, and every single other living souls greatest good. All at the same time.
That means that, when something that has a powerful meaning to you, and repetitively attracts your attention, over a short period of time; that it symbolises something. As if you’re being communicated with, in a language of patterns and symbols.
That is exactly how the human brain functions. It recognises series of symbols and patterns and puts meaning to them, to make sense of our world and our surroundings. Working at millions of miles per second, to decipher the continuous stream of information passing through us.
Whether what we believe is “true” or not (as it’s almost impossible to measure truth) what makes all the difference in our lives is what we believe. Because what we believe, is true. Unequivocally.
Here’s what I believe. I believe that:
If something crosses your path, it’s not by mistake.
You have called it in.
Even if it doesn’t appear in the way you “think” it should.
I believe…
Seeing ‘signs’ means that something is manifesting.
If we all truly lived by the energetic forces of the Universe…
And if we were all so connected, and in flow, that everything came to us with ease, joy and grace…
You would implicitly know and trust the every opportunity, every experience, every email, every conversation, every sign is meant for you, to guide you, and give you exactly what you’ve been asking for.
This belief means that, everything in life becomes a miracle, and an opportunity to manifest more of everything that you imagine, love, want and desire.
And to me, that gives me a divine sigh of relief. Because it means I can fully trust that I am always getting what I need, and more. I know the Universe is always working for my highest good, and conspiring, manifesting, co-creating, with me, everything that I desire.
Open up.
And receive the magic.
The Universe is conspiring with you.
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Image source: Rose–Water.tumblr.

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