The theme for September is CHANGE.
The change also comes with a RESET and a chance to do things in your life very differently. Whether you are the one making a choice or it is a choice or situation from the outside that affects you, CHANGE is inevitable. This month we will explore how to deal with CHANGE in a positive and proactive way so you can use it to RESET your life in the best way possible.
What is CHANGE?
In a nutshell it is the passing from one place, state, form, or phase to another causing things to transform and become different.
We talked about endings and beginnings in last months forecast especially around the last New Moon. Under the theme of CHANGE, endings and beginnings will continue to be important markers this month as we navigate energy that is sometimes very final in its outcome.
There are two kinds of change. Change that you initiate based on a personal choice, and change that is imposed on you from the outside and is usually based on another person’s choice. Change based on your choice is usually something that you want and are looking forward to implementing in your life. Change imposed on you is often unwanted, resisted and judged.
What if you could take the attitude that all change is something you choose?
You would remove the resistance and face the change proactively. Being in resistance to change has no power. Choosing all change no matter where it comes from has a great deal of power.
Change can be sudden, and most likely we will have some experience of that this month, or it can be gradual like the changing of the seasons. The sudden radical changes are the ones that can bring about the most intense reactions. The ones to watch for are the ones that are based in FEAR. Especially this month watch for fear reactions that express themselves through the 7 obstacles of Stubbornness, Impatience, Martyrdom, Self-Deprecation, Arrogance, Greed and Self Destruction. Everyone has a least one of these that is the automatic reaction when fear comes up.
The idea is to be in enough self-observation that you can identify when this is happening and become neutral as quickly as possible. If you are triggered you are not neutral. And you are not neutral if you took something personally. Not taking things personally will be a big test this month but will help with staying neutral and surrendering to the choices of change.
Here are some helpful hints regarding CHANGE.
If you are the one initiating the change:

  • Embrace it from your heart.
  • Ask for support.
  • Do it for you and not someone else.
  • Complete what you are leaving behind and tie up all loose ends.
  • Be patient and honor right timing.
  • Honor the beginning of something new through celebration.
  • Pay attention to the RESET that is part of the change.
  • Pay attention to the details of what is needed to support the change.
  • Make sure to stay balanced throughout the process, as it is an important aspect of successful change.

If you are directly affected by change coming from the outside:

  • Observe any resistance or fear reaction and don’t take it personally.
  • Neutralize the resistance or negative reaction as quickly as possible.
  • Be in acceptance.
  • Choose the change as if it were your idea.
  • Honor any completion caused by the change.
  • Honor the beginning of something new caused by the change.
  • Pay attention to your own RESET as a result of the change.
  • Stay balanced and empowered throughout the process.
  • Ask for support.
  • Stay out of Martyrdom and any of the other obstacles.

CHANGE always brings something new into life. Anything new always requires a RESET. This should be an exciting time. When one door closes, another one opens and it really does not matter who is closing or opening the doors. The result is the same. Always consider CHANGE to be a gift from spirit and one that keeps life from becoming stagnant.
Image from
Lena Stevens

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