Start the momentum. Fight inertia. Fight resistance.

Something that keeps arising for me in my mind is that the starting point in discovering how you want to live your life is always to think about what makes your soul soar, what makes your heart leap for joy, what makes your pulse quicken, what puts a big smile on your face…


So many people do not fulfil their potential or take advantage of their incredible talents because they have a heavy sense of responsibility and feel that it is just a pipe dream. I know that we are meant to lead remarkable lives. We are meant to fulfil our dreams. We are meant to live with joy and love in our hearts not feel downtrodden, exploited and trapped.


So how do we go about changing our lives to reflect that?

Step by tiny step. You adjust the way you live each day. Gently leaning into the kind of lifestyle that suits your individual nature and the ways you want to spend your time. Maybe just a few minutes a day but it is progress. Set aside an hour a week to move towards that. Start the momentum.  Fight inertia. Fight resistance. Fight those voices in your head and the cynics around you who say you can’t do it, you haven’t got what it takes, it is too difficult.


There is something I want to invite you to:

Next week, Claire and my secret little club, Secret Women’s Business, begins.
Yes, I’ve partnered up with Claire again, to bring you something so potent, powerful & important.


Being in leadership, being a good leader is not about being perfect. It’s about being honest. It’s about pushing the boundaries of a limited reality. It’s about being willing to dream for more for something bigger, for the world to be a happier, kinder, more peaceful place.

It’s being willing to share that dream with others. And doing something about it.

Because more important than any external validation of your worth and ability to be a leader is the simple fact that you are connected to life. You are life. A physical representation of nature’s intelligence in human form.


How incredibly rare and special does this make you?

Are you really going to spend it watching Netflix, worrying about what your neighbour did, or filling up that empty void with food or clothes or scrolling?

I hope the answer to that is NO. I hope that you are ready to step into your sovereignty. I hope that you will answer the calling to lead us into the future with your heart and vision guiding the way.


Because we need you.

We have 11 courageous women in, and a few spaces remaining in Secret Women’s Business.

A 3-month immersion to access your own inner feminine oracle and everything she brings (love, beauty, sensuality, intuition, abundance, expansion, connection) to play a role in your work, your business and your art. Your inner oracle can’t be plotted out in a business plan, or a template. You will find Your Path and Your Answers in your body, in the present, in your fluid movement, in trusting your heart, in your expansion and discomfort, in your ease and fullness.


To fully step into your role, your purpose, the heart of why you are here in the world.

Join us for Secret Women’s Business, here.
We begin in 1 week.


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