One of my biggest lessons from last year was the value and transformational power of community and connection. As I look back I realise that my biggest leaps in life and the ability to step into, and embody the life of my dreams, were due to the supportive presence of like-minded souls, who believe in the things that I believe in. People with whom I share a common view of life, dreams and life-stories.
Sometimes seeking out those people, can be a little bit tricky. They live all over the world, and do all sorts of amazing things. How can we connect with them when we can’t find them in our local area?
Herein lies the beauty of our digital age. I cannot express with enough appreciation and awe, the incredible souls I have been able to call my soul-sisters, that I have met through online means. So I’ve decided to create a community, where you can discover that kind of kinship and support, too.
The Free-Spirited Collective is to become the Facebook portal where I can meet, introduce and you and connect with all of you, who are on the same wave-length, and are ready to share, and be a part of a loving, supportive community.
I’m starting it with an intimate group mentoring program called #10WeeksofFree. I’ve run this program twice before, as a 1:1 mentoring program, with great success. This is the first time it’s available as a group program, at such a reduced cost.
Starting Monday 18 January 201610WeeksofFree is a 3 month group mentoring program that helps you change the way you think and feel, and to free up all of your potential and bring the unexpected into your life.
It’s about growing, stretching, taking a leap of faith, adjusting, refining our natures, and expanding beyond our limitations in order to evolve.
Essentially, it’s about being free.
Starting on a Monday, we begin a 3 month journey together filled with weekly intimate, group calls with me, practical steps, homework and accountability for self-exploration and growth.
Each week you will receive a support email and a PDF full of insights and the weekly topics and homework to focus on, which will take you on an exquisite journey where real change occurs with this dynamic boost, to make the most of where you find yourself, right now, and prepare for a truly liberating future.
You can read all the details about #10WeeksofFree here.
My intention is to provide a space for your expansion, for connection, for inspiration and a place where you can lift-up and refuel your soul. The #10WeeksofFree includes:

  • 12 group mentoring calls
  • 10 women per group (plus me)
  • 10 week journey examine your vision for liberation
  • 10 weekly emails with guided PDF’s and homework
  • An exclusive invitation to be supported and engaged in The Free Spirited Collective Facebook group
  • Starting Monday 18 January 2016
  • Investment: 3 payments of $150 USD

Due to the nature of working in intimate group mentoring sessions with me, this very unique #10WeeksofFree group mentoring program is designed for 10 participants to take part, at a time. This group mentoring program is open to people from all over the world, with call times to be assigned to suite world times and enrolments.
Doors close for this round on Saturday 16 January 2016.
Sign up for  #10WeeksofFree by emailing me directly:



P.S. Feel free to email me with questions! I welcome queries with open arms.
P.P.S. Here’s some really lovely words from folks who did #10WeeksofFree last year:
I was feeling defeated and lost, I had tried so, so, so much to heal myself (emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually) and kept getting beat down. Vienda encouraged me to believe in myself and taught me that what I think is all that matters, that I create my own freedom. | Julia Spanos, Australia.
Through the mentoring, so much clarity came in around my choices, and I actioned many changes immediately and during and after the 10 weeks. I felt a greater sense of creativity and open expanded awareness about my forward trajectory. It was really great getting to the root of weaknesses in both my actions and expressions, also becoming deeply clear about what I actually wanted to do. | Monique Drinkwater, Morocco / UK.
I loved the PDF’s and have them all saved so that I can revisit them from time to time, but it was really the mentoring calls that had the most impact.  I always got off our calls feeling happier and more confident. I only wish some of the calls could have been longer! | Anne Holloway, USA.
#10WeeksofFree encouraged me to make two of the biggest decisions I have made in a very long time. As a result, I’ve had some really big dreams come true. And it’s all happening later this year! Proof that we don’t have to be limited by the restrictions we believe are placed upon us. That’s freedom.Vanessa Millar, Australia.
I now feel so alive and inspired again! I have a clear direction forward, can recognize the value in my offerings, and my self-confidence has grown so much.  I loved the weekly calls…the learning, understanding, and support that comes from working with someone who gets my unconventional, nomadic life and sees it as a gift and an asset, rather than something I need to grow out of or change, has been invaluable. | Heather Borkowski, Scotland.
I thought I knew everything about freedom – until I completed this program. Vienda helped me realize that it’s more than the right to speak or act. Freedom can be discovered in practicing forgiveness, gaining clarity about your desires, setting boundaries, speaking your truth, setting goals, self-care and much more. This mentoring program ignited something within me that cannot be undone, and I am so thankful. | Mia Pinango, USA.

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