Stop looking outside yourself for satisfaction.
I feel like I’ve been on an accelerated growth program for the past 18 months. Life keeps renewing itself so rapidly and the only thing that remains the same is my ability to anchor back into myself.
This ability to turn to myself and tune into deep pockets of inner wisdom has been my only mooring. I spent most of my adult life exploring the breadth and the depth of our global landscape, but lately, what has compelled me, even more, is the depth and the breadth of my inner landscape. I’ve found grassy knolls that I like to lie on and dark forests that I jolt in when I hear a foreign sound and soft gentle streams that show me the run of my life, and most of all, I’ve found an inner presence that is mostly just pure white light and a wiser awareness than the superficial parts of me could ever know.
There’s this epidemic of unsatisfied humans who are always looking outside ourselves for more. They feel unsatisfied. They feel like something is missing.
They try to fill this part of themselves with anything they can think of. They think they need more knowledge so the sign up for too many courses, many left unfinished. They think they need to be better looking so they buy 100’s of products, which stress their bodies more than they heal or nurture them.
They think that there’s something better somewhere else, that somebody else has it more figured out than you do. That they need to fill up this gaping hole in their psyche with things that are missing because clearly if there’s something missing it must mean they aren’t enough.
When in truth the answer is that YOU ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING THAT YOU NEED and what you are really missing is the ability to tune in and listen.  You already hold the answers.
Our inner voice is so subtle and it requires great self-awareness to hear it. But the conditioning to do what is practical and logical and repeat the same old things everyone else has done is so strong. So prevalent. So indoctrinated. It feels almost impossible to overcome.
Your intuition is the greatest guide and I want to teach you how to hear it, use it, and overcome your fear of it. Join me for my free intuition workshop or head straight to my 15-day course IntutiMethod.

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