Stop "trying" and "hustling" and "making it happen". Be effortless.
I’ve spent the better part of the past few hours flicking through pictures of Alexa Chung on Pinterest. I mean; isn’t she beautiful? She exudes this super-casual sense of cool, that I am sure is made easier by having access to a wardrobe of masterpieces made by talented designer from around the world. I’m quite certain Alexa Chung is my spirit animal… (That exists, right?!)
What intrigues me the most is this feeling that she doesn’t have to try hard. She’s effortless. That’s her charm. And her secret.
In a world of in-your-face melodrama, never-ending voices vying for your attention and a calamity of “how do life” guidelines rising from every direction, nothing feels as sweet, spacious and nurturing as calm effortlessness.
It’s magnetic. It’s wildly attractive. And it is what has everyone asking for more.
Maybe effortless is going to be one of my guiding words for 2017. It’s certainly something that is captivating me as an all-encompassing approach and lifestyle.
But how do you become effortless when you are ambitious, excited about fulfilling lofty dreams and enthusiastic for a life lived BIG?
You stop trying.
For so long we’ve been told to “work hard” and “try harder”. To “hustle” and “make things happen”. And when we didn’t do those things we felt infinitely less deserving.
The repercussion from this push-push-force-force-try-try culture?
A generation of women (and men) who are overwhelmed, overworked, unsatisfied, depleted and suffering from various illnesses that result in extreme exhaustion.
Clients, friends and colleagues often come to me in tears, wondering what is wrong with them. Asking why they can’t keep up with this pace. Collapsing under the pressure to live an artificial life driven by the fear that they will miss out on living their best life, making their mark, finding their “thing”.
Clearly the way we have been going isn’t working. It certainly doesn’t work for me. One of the reasons (amongst many) that I chose to start my own business was to rebel against the hectic modern lifestyle and instead to live at my own pace while still fulfilling my lofty dreams and making a difference through my work and my words.
I notice that it is in the times that I stop trying, when I surrender and let go of the reins, that I find myself taking the biggest leaps towards living a life that is meaningful to me, and helpful to others.
In order for me to be my best self, I must be effortless.
It was when I took a week away from my business that I filled my 1:1 mentoring books for the year.
It was when I stopped trying to work out every day and eat my greens that my body shaped itself into its best form.
It was when I stopped trying to find topics to write about that the inspiration suddenly flowed from my fingers.
It was when I stopped looking for opportunities that an exciting creative project landed in my email.
Stop trying.
It’s the key to that captivating effortlessness.
Which is the key to a better, sweeter, kinder life.
Photo: Alexa Chung

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