The gorgeous Tara Bliss from Such Different Skies is a force to be reckoned with. Crystal healer, mermaid, goal making-fear busting coach, writer, speaker and quite possibly an angel, she shines her light strong wherever she goes.
And so life had it that she interviewed me for her Such Different Vixens interview series, where she encapsulates and celebrates those that are eccentric and super sonically passionate about what they do. I’m quite honoured. And I love this part:
“Vienda Maria.
Notice the way that rolls off your tongue? It’s friggen divine, isn’t it? Somehow, with a name like that, it’s easy to believe the life that this modern day gypsy lives.
“So, ah, Vienda Maria, what it is that you do?”
“I’m a gypsy.”
“Well, with a name like that, sure, makes sense!”
Of course, that’s a totally imaginary conversation, and to be honest, I’ve only REALLY started digging into Vienda’s stuff quite recently- but rest assured, a spell has been cast. She refers to herself as a futuristic maximiser, among many other things, and I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to know MORE. Tell.me.more.”
Gorgeous, no!? Click here to read the entire interview and discover what I share about one of my most vulnerable moments.
And then sign up for her Party Girls Guide to Peace for some serious addictive personality  butt kicking!
We are so blessed!
Vienda xx

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