you are already perfect {quantum metrics of Be-ing}

Yes, you.
You are already perfect. Just as you are.
You have everything that you need, simmering within you.
You are a portal of manifestation. A co-creator with the universe.

You are an alchemist of subliminal proportions. Even your own imagination cannot fathom what you are capable of.
You have the capacity to create everything you dream of. Everything you think of. You are magic.
You are everything you want to be. The most perfect estimation of yourself is in you.
Allow it to reveal itself to you by BE-ING. Be present, still and acutely aware in every moment.
Act only from the heart, from the bubbling love and joy within you.
Perfection expresses itself as nature does. Unexpected, full of twists and turns, surprising, beautiful, wonderous.
Life wants you to fully express yourself in the perfection that you already are.
You have been given this opportunity in life to know yourself. To observe yourself.
To be aware of yourself in order to be able to conjure whatever you like into your reality and bear witness to the miracles of life.
In this very moment, right now, you are the majestic culmination of all of your thoughts, beliefs, life experiences and ancient history of your past and many lives lived before. Right now you are at the leading edge of your own existence.
In this realm, time and reality do not exist. They are simply measures used to compare one manifestation from another. To experience your own unique evolution in space as your learn to powerfully propel the wizardry that you were born in hand with.
Recognize your own perfection. Connect to your deep seated soul centre and co-create with the universe.
This is your playground. And you are already perfect.

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