my secret weapon for successful entrepreneurship

my secret weapon for successful entrepreneurship


About 2 and a half years ago, I knew it was time. I was ready to embark out on my own and finally fulfill my heart’s yearning and my soul’s whispers to become self employed, doing what I loved. But I was totally freaked out by the concept of being a “business woman”. Sales and marketing seemed like dirty sins of the under-world to me and I felt, didn’t suit my personality AT ALL. Nonetheless, my dream was relentless and I knew there had to be a way to make it work, my own way. After all, I’m compelled to live life on my own terms, but, like everyone, sometimes I need some guidance, support and expert assistance.
It was then that I discovered the business course designed specifically for women who were creative, multi passionate entrepreneurs Rich, Happy & Hot B-School. After much am-ing and ah-ing, weighing up the pros and cons, and wondering whether it was a worthwhile investment into my life and my business, I took the leap, on the final day of registration and took the course.
This simple step, and investment into myself CHANGED MY LIFE. Marie Forleo is one sassy, smart and switched on woman, who teaches practical, easy to follow and essential practices to grow and develop your passions, love and heart into a successful business. By doing exactly what she lays out, in only two years I have developed from just a little lightbulb idea into a real business that supports me financially as well as fulfills my personal creativity, ethics and values and has turned me into a sincere business woman without all the salesy marketing BS! One of the best parts is, once you’ve registered, you can take the course every year following when it runs for FREE, so in essence have access to an ever improving business course on a continuous basis which is AMAZING. This year will be my third year taking Rich, Happy & Hot B-School and I cannot wait. Let’s do it together!
It’s so very rare that I promote or recommend other people’s ventures on my site, and I only do if I have personally used them and KNOW that they are excellent and meet beyond my own and your standards, and Rich, Happy & Hot definitely does. If you have been toying with the idea of building, growing or developing your own business and need the loving support of a successful and professional course that covers EVERYTHING you could possibly need to know, as well as a community of incredible women all across the globe then click here, find out more and sign up. Registration begins on Wednesday the 20th of February and closes on Monday the 4th of March. This will change your life!

why I love sharing my life with you + what I’ve been up to lately

why I love sharing my life with you + what I’ve been up to lately

As those of you who have been following me for a while would know, I left my sanctity of a sweet little life in Sydney in July 2012, after two and a bit years of being settled, to follow my heart and whims back to life on the road again.
It’s been almost 7 months and what a roller coaster of a journey it has been! Instead of heading straight to South America, as I had originally thought, due to unexpected circumstances I ended up roaming around Europe until mid December 2012, working, catching up with friends and fortifying the foundations from times gone past.
The universe is always much wiser than I so I followed the signs and flow and ended up writing, working and learning my way through Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Austria and Holland, where I was living for about three months under the most unusual circumstances. I like to call this period of my life the “falling in love with a schizophrenic” phase. It was very drugs, sex and rock n’ roll… And one day soon I’m finally going to write a memoir about it. You’ll love it, I promise!
After a few more weird and scary experiences I ran away to Prague, where I spent 10 days mending my heart and soul, and revising my goals and values amongst the gold, red and bright orange leaves of autumn and spectacular architecture that makes up this incredible city. My memories of Prague are incredibly sweet and romantic, though I spent the entire time completely on my own, barely speaking to the staff of my hotel, nor the endearing ladies at the nearby farmers market, as I tried to trace where I had gone wrong and got myself into such confronting situations in the past month.
I then was gracefully taken in by a very close friend, who set me straight, gave me some tough love and sent me back out into the world after caring for me and feeding me for two weeks in Leipzig. After a Berlin techno party to shake off the remaining dust from the past months on a Friday night in mid November, I flew to the UK to do some work and catch up with friends. By mid December I knew I had to make a decision. Stay in London for Christmas or choose a new destination.
So three days before my departure, I booked a one way ticket to Cancun, Mexico. Finally I was getting closer to my intended destination! Since then life has been and incredible roller coaster of miracles, just as I know and love it to be.
I spent my first four days in Mexico in a house that belongs to the Princess of Yemen, and then travelled to the archaeological ruins of Palenque where I met my friend and soul sister and current gypsy companion, Lily. Since we’ve joined our journeys we’ve attracted adventure like a pair of thrill-seeking minxes: we celebrated Christmas in San Cristobal, then went to Tulum for New Years where we were very kindly invited to camp on an empty $7 million dollar piece of land with its own private beach by a pirate who currently had the position of caretaker over the land. We celebrated in style at a party in an Eco-resort where I ran into a friend whom I haven’t seen in 6 years. A few days later we were given free entry to one of the world’s biggest house music parties: the BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen after having a business meeting with one of the DJ’s who was playing there, and ended up perching ourselves in a mansion that a friend and his entourage had hired, that they generously shared with us.
After four days of dancing we desperately sought the sanctity of quiet beach life and returned to Tulum, only to be inundated with party-goers who had the same thoughts. One morning we both awoke and realised: it was time to go. We packed up, booked a bus to Belize city and moved our coterie south that very day. Belize is a strange country, both lusciously beautiful and yet dark and curious; there is a dark undercurrent that touches everyone and everything due to being on the cocaine route that plagues much of the coast from South to North America and back again. It’s been a fascinating journey as we discover and explore what this country has to offer and it’s secret and hidden underbelly beneath the tropical allure.
Now we are heading further south. As we are both working at a festival called Envision in Costa Rica at the end of February, the plan is to make it down there over the next two weeks, so right now we are in transit. As you are reading, I’m on my way to Nicuaragua, overland via Honduras, apparently one of the most violent and dangerous countries in the world, and on the same day as the launch of my new digital guide Build Your Own Business Blog, as if life isn’t exciting enough already! But I know we are safe, protected as only professional gypsies can be, by being naive and innocent and aware and street smart, all at the same time!
Which brings me to why I love sharing my life with you:
I share all my thoughts, lessons and journeys with you for one reason: I want to encourage you; and inspire and ignite in you the fire and passion to live life on your own terms. We all have a choice. We are all free. I implore you to break free of your social conditioning, the should and shouldn’t, the way you were told things are and truly be yourself and live your life you own way.
In no way do I decree to have all the answers, know the best way for you or have a fool-proof method of how do do this. Every day I make mistakes, every day I recreate myself and my life; every single day I stand at the ledge of my existence and scream back at my echo, asking “Life, do what you will with me! Show me and guide me!”. And every single moment I am guided and protected to shown exactly what I need at exactly the right time.
Every single day I choose to make a new choice and to live life on my own terms. And I am free. And I am alive. And I know this life is worth living because I I fling myself into its arms and receive back alchemy. I love observing what magic I can conjure through my thoughts, beliefs and actions in my every day life. I love being a part of life and yet, simultaneously an observer of life. This is why I love sharing my life with you. Because I am indulgent enough to believe we all have the choice and the freedom to create the lives we want and dream of. And because I want it for you.

build your own business blog ~ the digital guide launch!!!

build your own business blog ~ the digital guide launch!!!

It’s finally here! The Build Your Own Business Blog guide for your dream-building pleasure.
I started writing this sweet little guide about 6 months ago, upon many questions and requests from friends, family and readers wanting to know “how did you do it?”
The Build Your Own Business Blog guide is list based, step by step implementation on how I built my site using Bluehost as my hosting platform, WordPress to manage the back end of the website and Headway Themes for the “skin” and visual design and feel of the site. I then also include all my tips for writing compelling content, design tips and how to increase your popularity and readership.
I then attempted to get you all excited (because I was) with a series of blog posts preparing for the roll-out and launch of the guide which you can find here:
How I Started My Business Blog Website + How You Can Too
9 Daily Marketing Actions For Your Blog + Business
And some sneak peaks on some of the contents the digital guide would contain:
Made You Look! An SEO Reminder for Bloggettes + Bloggers
10 Magical Plugins For Your WordPress Site
But I wasn’t ready. For whatever reason, life asked me to place that project on hold. Until now! And I am ever so pleased to finally be able to share with you the fruits if my labour, mistakes, lessons and experience of building my own blog from scratch to what it is today.
The Build Your Own Business Blog is a simple and easy to follow digital guide in PDF format which takes you through building your own business blog from the grand ideas in our head to a tangible home amongst the shiny stars on the world wide web.
In a fun + fast moving, step by step format, learn how to choose your business + domain name, download WordPress, use Headway Themes to build your own site + develop a successful blogging strategy.
It’s a fun, easy to follow guide with simple, to the point instructions on how to build your own business blog that is usable by ANYONE and applicable to all types of blogs and businesses.
The guide includes 35 pages, 15 chapters + 6,000 words full of tips, tools + tricks to build your business blog from nothing into a successful enterprise that you love.
Get instant access to all the experience I’ve garnered from building my own successful business blog + I also include how to write compelling content, top design tips and how to increase your popularity and readership.
This guide is specifically designed for creative entrepreneurs + non-geeks like you, who are looking for an easy, cost effective way to develop your own website, and have complete creative control over all it’s elements.
The 15 topics covered as outlined in the Contents page include:

  • Start Here
  • Why A Business Blog Website

  • 7 Steps to Get Started

  • Get Your Domain and WordPress Set Up

  • Why Headway Themes

  • Need More Persuasion?

  • 7 Steps to Your Own Website
  • Design Your Site with Headway Themes

  • 6 Web Design Tips + Tricks

  • The 6 Step SEO List: Search Engine Optimisation 

  • Learn to Love Plugins

  • 10 Things to Do to Get to Top 10 Status
  • That’s All Folks

  • About the Author

  • Glossary of Terms

Your ability to create a sustainable business as a passion-driven entrepreneur (yes, I mean you!) is directly related to our (yes, I mean us!) ability to create what we need in our business in a cost effective and time efficient way. This guide on building your own business blog site shows you how effortlessly and inexpensively you can get professional looking results that will blow you (and your readers and prospective customers and clients) away.
The Build Your Own Business Blog has been designed for absolute beginners with no previous experience or understanding of computer-geek-jargon (like me) who just want to get their site up and running and start promoting their art (aka business). It is a simple to follow guide, without all the computer-geek jargon and tells you only what you really need to know right now.
At the very low price of $8, it is an enjoyable read and affordable for every budget.
Grab your copy now and build an impressive website that you have full creative control over, that supports your business and will ultimately build your wealth.



why blogging makes you a better person

why blogging makes you a better person

Much is said across the blogging community about developing your authentic voice. Less is said about how blogging helps you unfold your authentic self.
As many bloggers will agree, finding your voice, your own unique style, format and way of sharing with your audience takes time. The six months to one year of initial blogging is a steep learning curve from trial and error as you experiment with different styles, formats and ideas to find out what works for you.
In the midst of this, you are learning to a articulate your thoughts, ideas and develop your brand in a clear and entertaining way. You begin to discover insights about yourself and the way you express yourself that you were never aware of before. You’re always considering how your real-life experiences can be used full translated into valuable and compelling resources for your readers. Suddenly your entire life become a walking, talking research and experimentation unit.
As you become clearer on the messages you want to share, you also become clearer on who you are as an individual and how your viewpoint affects yourself as well as others.
Blogging in itslef creates a spectrum of continuous self-awareness, asking questions and building your knowledge base. Not only are you growing the spectrum of your blog, you are growing as a person. Each time you publish a post, you reveal a little more of yourself, you increase your own awareness as well as grow the knowledge and awareness of your audience. You share your talents and skills on your blog in order to help others and simultaneously seek to help yourself. Blogging, after all, is the art of solving people’s problems in this wonderful age of information. And our problems, we realise are also the problems of our peers, friends and communities.
So how does blogging make you a better person?

  • You become a better communicator. You are continuously learning to articulate and express your message in several different formats so that all kinds of people can be reached. This practise alone makes you more aware of how different people absorb information differently which is subconsciously translated into your daily life. (I recently wrote a long letter to my mama and finished it off with bullet point to surmise my main arguments just to make sure “she gets it”… Ha!)
  • You develop your unique authentic voice. It is said many time over that the best way to create compelling content is by being completely yourself. This requires a bit of soul searching wherein often the process of blogging helps to navigate you to that point of figuring out who and what you are in order to share your authentic voice.
  • You learn to better deal with the highs and lows of life. Blogging comments, google analytics and social media give you a good idea in the real-time realm how you, your brand and your ideas are coming across to your audience. Some people will love you, some people won’t. You learn that you can’t please everyone and that most importantly you must remain true to yourself.
  • You learn to react quickly in intense situations and your problem solving skills rocket skyward. A link is broken, your site is down, something has gone wrong. But it’s ok. You take a deep breath and figure out how to solve the problem and perhaps come up with a solution so it doesn’t happen again. You know that sometimes these things happen and that it’s not the end of the world.
  • You meet likeminded people. Internet and the blogosphere have become one of the best ways to meet wonderful amazing people who are on the same wavelength as you. Like attracts like in cyberspace and suddenly you will find yourself amongst a group of the most fabulous and fascinating friends imaginable who totally “get you”.
  • Self awareness spurs on self development. The two move hand in hand. From all the analysing and collecting ideas from your daily life to share with your audience comes the automatic response of building and growing on that which you already are and know. You are continuously taking your thought processes deeper and wider in a wild array of topics, developing your own knowledge and how that this reflected in your life experience.
  • Blogging makes you a happier person. Not only are you giving value to people and contributing to the world, but you are sharing your art, you passion and wisdom with those who choose to seek it out. Now that gives everyone a good sense of fulfilment!
  • The commitment and constancy that blogging brings to your life gives you a well-rounded sense of achievement. Human beings thrive from having to complete something on a consistent basis, especially if and when the rest of their life may be a sort of unexpected chaos, and research that a practise of anything (such as blogging) improves your general sense of self and wellbeing.

Not only are you giving value to others but you are also giving enormous value to yourself. Each and every single time you hit that publish button.

9 daily marketing actions for your blog + business

9 daily marketing actions for your blog + business

The wisdom and secret of having a successful business and/or blog of any kind is marketing. As I am continuously learning. Here are some golden rules to live by as you float your way into the clouds of dreams-do-come-true success.
It’s always:

40% Create Content / Products / Services

60% Marketing + Brand

Do these daily:

  • Send out review copies of products/services
  • Always be thinking about the next phase of your plan
  • Compose at least 1 guest post per month for another A-List blog
  • Become proficient in as many skills as possible to improve brand and marketing
  • Spend time building links “the currency of the internet”
  • Track your analytics stats monthly on a spreadsheet so you can see what you are doing well and where you can improve
  • Comment on other blogs
  • Use social networks
  • Always be co-creating and working with others to leverage your time and abilities

Image by Olly Moss

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