“I just want a man who will tell me I’m magical and build stuff!” she laughs, her bright warm smile lighting up the porch where we are cosily perched on a day bed in the dense jungle hinterland behind Sayulita. Camille and I are speaking about our own journeys healing the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves to realign and come back to authenticity.
Halfway through our conversation, I say “This stuff is really good. People need to hear this! Do you mind if I record it?” She nods. “Sure.” I pull out my phone and click through to the voice memo app and hit record.
We speak about archetypes and mythology and the experiences we have had that have shaped our experiences and what we are doing to take responsibility for the lessons so we can alchemise them into bigger, more expansive and liberated lives, loves and relationships.
It’s amazing how our subconscious conditioning impacts our “choices”.  
As we are unpacking some of our beliefs around the masculine and feminine with the recorder on in the background, I realised that I had avoided being physically strong (i.e. working out with weights) all my life because I was told it was unfeminine.  You’ll hear me have my epiphany raw and live!
My ancestral imprinting informed me that in order to survive I had to be able to attract men. And that the way to be attractive to men is to be weak and frail and small. Because that was the reality for generations of women before me. They depended on a man supporting them financially and in other practical ways in order to exist. 
The fact that this ancient misbelief still impacts me in the most subtle ways is crazy to me. I’ve been independent since I was 16 years old. I put myself through university. I’ve travelled the world a few times over. I did it all myself with charm and determination. 
This is what the unravelling of old dogma looks like… layer after layer we are peeling back everything that’s isn’t real or try in both an individual level (our responsibility always lies 100% with ourselves) which then had a ripple effect breaking down the lineage of limitations on a collective level. 
Here’s to all of us doing the work!
Listen if you want to catch 45 minutes of this conversation. It is completely raw and unedited. You’ll hear the jungle noises in the background and very natural expression of our souls through our voices and resonant relationship.

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