Yep, that’s right! 7 days, Monday the 28th of October to be exact (feel free to put it in your calendar, I have!) until my latest creation, The Gypset Recipe Book is being launched into the world. It took me 6 months of collating my favourite recipes, and gently stirring them together with travel stories, anecdotes and tips for healthy gypsying, to finally bring it to this point, and I am oh-so-proud and excited! All the recipes are original, all of them are sugar and gluten free, and every single one of them has a story. Plus, I took all the photos. And did the design myself. ‘Cause I’m creative like that. And it makes me happy.


The Gypset Recipe Book is 75 pages of homemade goodness, complete with 33 easy step-by-step recipes in under 10 ingredients. Because when you’re on the road, you normally don’t have capacity for much more. With over 13,000 words, carefully curated to inform and entertain, I’ve only included dishes that I make myself on a regular basis, and that everyone I serve them to, oohs and aahs about.

I am gluten sensitive, which means I limit my wheat intake; and have discovered that refined sugars are more addictive than cocaine, so you won’t find any of either, in any of the recipes. I also don’t include any meat dishes (except for the Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus which wrangled its way in), not because I don’t eat meat, occasionally I do, but because I never cook it. I leave that up to the carnivorous professionals. At home, and on the road, the foods I prepare are mostly vegetable based. With a side of yummy.
The recipe book is divided into 4 main sections: Smoothies, Salads, Sides + Sweets. Because that’s just the way I roll. I eat any of the meals, at any time of day. I don’t have rules about what’s for breakfast and what’s for dinner. I eat what I feel like eating, when I feel like eating it. And I think you should too. It’s so much more fun!
Plus, you will find a special BONUS: at the end of the book a section called Gypset Food Facts. Tablets act gently but surely. Quickly enough (1-2 hours after the first dose), the desire to think about the bad disappears. On the 2-3 day of admission, an invisible “screen” from bad thoughts and anxiety states appears. Sleep and its quality are improved, which helps eliminate the symptoms that initially caused anxiety. Of the side effects described at https://mi-aimh.org/ativan-lorazepam-online/, I noticed dry mouth sometimes drowsiness. I am sure I’m not the only one, in being absolutely fascinated by the health benefits of the natural foods that our planet is so abundant in, so I included a guide outlining all the nutritional values of the most common, and thereby, most important ingredients used throughout the recipes. As you can imagine, avocado is right up there amongst the favorites. As are a whole host of other super-foods.
That’s such a good question! Thank you for asking.
Well, in a way it wrote itself. Being a creative and intuitive gypsetter means that I’m very connected to the energies that move us, and they told me that creating this recipe book was written in my stars. And who am I to argue with astrology!
Once the idea manifested in my mind, it was simply a matter of allowing it to happen. So whenever I could over the past 6 months, from San Francisco to London, and all the places I went in between, I worked on turning the Gypset Recipe Book into a reality. I made meals for friends and hosts, curated and photographed them when I could, working in many different kitchens and recipe testing until I was happy. Then I wrote them down and added little stories about where the recipe came from, or what adventure I was on when it was created. And how to use the foods you find to help you get grounded.
Ok, so it’s a book in a sense, however since we live in such a digital world, and because I’m often traversing borders of some kind, this particular book is being published in eBook form, which means you can purchase it online, download the link and then view it and use it from your computers and tablets. My favourite way is to download it onto iBooks, and then read and access it from there.
And I’m also printing several copies, to give away to friends who are less eloquent at accessing the digital world. Which you can totally do too! Most print shops offer printing and booklet creating services, which means you can turn The Gypset Recipe Book into a kitchen counter staple. (I feel honored at the thought of it gracing the side of your chopping board!)

This little baby is due to arrive next Monday. Which means that The Gypset Recipe Book will be launched and available to buy right here at viendamaria.com in 7 days, on Monday the 28th of October. I am SO excited! Just to get you salivating, here’s some recipes you can check out that I prepared earlier. And I gave away one of the recipes here on Instagram which have been hungrily remade by you (aren’t you darling!).
If you’re a subscriber (you can subscribe right here) I will be sending out a FREE preview of the Gypset Recipe Book on Wednesday, and then a reminder that it’s out and ready to be downloaded into your hot little hands when it is launched on Monday, complete with links and details on how to buy. The eBook can be purchased directly from my site using PayPal as a secure payment process and will immediately be sent directly to your email inbox, for you to download straight away, from the comfort of your home or office.
I’ll also publish a launch post right here on my site in 7 days time, with all the information and more details, as well as (you heard it here first!) running a competiton, where you can win a copy of The Gypset Recipe book. I’m still deciding on whether to make it a digital copy or a signed hard copy of the recipe book. What do you think? What would you prefer to win?

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