The emotional life of being a woman...
I’m having a mini-existential-crisis type meltdown right now, as I sit kneeling over my keyboard on my bed.
All the questions are flooding through my mind today as I grapple with my sense of self, in-between client calls.
What am I doing? Why am I doing this? Who the hell am I? Really, what am I doing!?
Nothing makes sense and I just want to cry.
Maybe I need a puppy.
Actually, nothing is wrong. And nothing has happened. And this deep feeling of sadness and confusion?
It’s all just a reaction that my mind creates to make sense of the chemical reactions occurring in my body. My mini-existential-crisis type meltdown is simply a buildup of hormones pressing to be released through the floodgates of my uterus.
Until next month.
The emotional life of being a woman…

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