The Free-Spirited Collective -- August 2016 -- encourages you to shake things up.
It’s August and this month’s issue of TFSC includes 2 themed podcasts, a tailored video, your monthly astro-guide, and a chance to win 1 of 5 1:1 Bespoke Muse sessions.
This month you are being encouraged to shake things up; to shine your light big and bright, fearlessly, courageously.
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You get to decide how dynamic your “shaking up” will be, however now is the time to step out of the shadows and allow your true self to shine. The energy this month is supporting you in stepping up to a whole new level of living and self-expression.
Seeing your name up in lights is not so far away now, if you are willing to embrace this shaking up of who you thought you were, and how much you allow yourself to take up space and share your unique self with the world.
It’s time to express yourself — and all that you believe in — with courage and authenticity. Watch what happens, when you do.
PODCAST: Recognising The Artist Within
Being in August, creativity is our central theme. We tend to think that creativity applies only to painting, music and other forms of artistic talent, but creativity is more an approach than an activity. Creativity, quite simply, is the ability to take two separate things and combine them to create a third; it is the ability to create something that wasn’t there before.
Creativity is ultimately the expression of the Self. When you take a creative approach, you make a statement of some kind that comes from you. It says something about the creator as well as the created. Even if you’re just putting together components that someone else originally created, the way you put them together can be yours alone. In this podcast we are speaking with Cherise Lily, with a lifetime of creative pursuits under her belt, who teaches us how to recognise the artist within.
PODCAST: Harness Your Creative Genius + Take Action
The month of August is all about self-expression and shining like the sun. This is the month that you really want to focus on your creative genius, how you share yourself with the world, and to give yourself permission to be seen. You are being called to shine, to be courageous and fearless, to let your heart lead in connection with your highest self.
Helping us ground this energy in a very real and practical way is our special guest Sarah Jensen, who teaches us how to connect with our creative genius and take action on your passionate, fiery dreams by rocking those big, lofty goals and intentions you hold for yourself. Sarah is a writer, speaker and host to award-winning ‘Rock Your Goals’ workshops, and also runs a popular podcast of the same name. Sarah’s approach is all about tuning into yourself, your heart, soul and intentions, and aligning yourself with your highest purpose, so you turn up the power and potency of your unique, individual creative genius, and fulfil your goals and dreams.
VIDEO: Stop Hiding in the Shadows and Let Yourself Shine and Be Seen
Showing up and being willing to be seen is one of the basic fears that many of us have deeply embedded in our consciousness. The major difference between people who succeed from those who do not allow success in their lives is the repeated ability to show up and put themselves out there and allowing the world to see them and their work.
Since August is all about energy, confidence and creativity, we are being called to activate our sense of self, take risks, and make things happen; to reach for the stars and have fun while doing it.
Most of us are afraid to be seen. We are so absolutely certain that what others see in us is insufficient in some fundamental way. I am here to remind you that you have a right to take up space in the world. Pay attention to when you shrink yourself to suit your environment or others’ expectations of you.
In this month’s video I share my own stories of where I have shrunk and hidden in the past, plus the 5 fundamental pillars to stepping up and being seen.
ASTRO GUIDE: August 2016 Astro-Guide
August ushers in the season of Leo, a sign that shines bright like it’s ruler, the Sun. Leo leads with the heart and invites us to express our creative genius with love. It also asks us to shine our light big and bright, fearlessly, courageously (which means, with heart), and from a place of connection with our Highest Self. Leo asks that we be resourceful, which means finding our own way of reconnecting to Source for energy.
GIFT: Win 1 of 5 1:1 Bespoke Muse Sessions
Our special guest and creative muse expert Cherise Lily is offering 5 free-spirited sisters an opportunity to work with her 1:1 to reignite your inspiration and creative expression, perfect for those of you who feel creatively stuck and have a deep desire to start expressing yourself in a playful, safe and fun way. It’s the perfect gift for the month of August!
Your gift includes:

  • 60 minute 1:1 with Cherise over Skype to investigate your unique creative nature
  • 2 weeks of bespoke muse prescriptions
  • valued at $200 AUD

Learn more about Cherise and her Bespoke Muse sessions at
Join us for The Free-Spirited Collective here. 
Illustration by Victoria Rosas.

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