The Free-Spirited Collective -- July 2016 -- is focused on your emotional foundation.
We have made it halfway through 2016 — its July — and the third ever edition of The Free-spirited Collective it out!
This is an extra-special edition as it includes a fascinating insight into understanding men, in this month’s podcast, as well as a chance to win a one of 5 specially curated flower essence elixirs worth $22 USD plus postage and handling!
Read on, to learn all about what’s included in this months The Free-Spirited Collective.
The energy of this month is focused on your emotional foundation. It is a time where you are most emotionally vulnerable. It is also where you may be at your most emotionally withdrawn or protective.
This vulnerability can be used as a gift to deepen relationships and take time to develop your own inner strength and connection to yourself.
You have probably become so accustomed to feeling certain ways and believing in what you believe, that changing might feel scary and overwhelming. It is often easier to protect what you know than to be vulnerable and open to what you don’t know.
This month is the opportunity to observe your habits and emotionsto check whether they actually serve you — and change your inner world, to start reflecting a life that fulfils your emotional desires.
PODCAST: Understanding Men. A deeper view into the emotional psyche of the modern man.
The theme for this month is all about our emotional foundation. Our focus is on how we feel and how those feelings influence our lives and choices. Being emotional brings with it a need for vulnerability and openness, as well as being receptive. Most of our pieces in The Free-Spirited Collective are centred on how we can make choices that set us free and bring us more freedom.
In this interview, we are pivoting a little to talk about the emotional engagement with the men in our lives, so we can be more open and receptive, as well as take responsibility of how we show up in relation to them. Sharing his profound insight in this interview is writer, personal transformation innovator and creative entrepreneur, Dane Tomas, as we dive into a deep and juicy Q&A on understanding men, based on real questions fielded from you, my collective tribe.
VIDEO: How to stop feeling insecure, powerless and fearful, using 7 epic tools to take charge and fully own your life.
Using your emotions as a guide to bolster and strengthen your inner sense of power, and resolve to create the life that you truly want for yourself, is where the magic lies in your emotional highs and lows.
However often, you perceive emotions, especially negative ones, to mean that there is something wrong with you, and that you do not have the ability to change or harness this energy, because it feels so strong. In this video, I share how our emotions can be used as tools for transformation and teach you 7 tools to use your negative emotions to take charge and fully own your life.
ASTRO GUIDE: July 2016 Astro-Guide.
Our life choices are rooted in trust. It’s a matter of how much we trust the people around us. It’s also a matter of how much we trust ourselves.
Our trust is developed or destroyed by how we interpret the events and experiences of our lives.
Our astrologist Danielle Polar guides us to view July as a great month to tap into your intuition as a trusted source of guidance, and become receptive to the subtle shifts in your energy. It’s also a great time to take responsibility for your creative insights, which means being able to respond to the information you receive in a constructive way.
GIFT: Open + Receptive Flower + Gem Elixir.
My sweet friend Valeria from The Soul Essence has created a very special flower essence blend, specifically for The Free-Spirited Collective this month: Open + Receptive Flower + Gem Elixir  { Star Tulip – Bellflower – Star Sapphire}.
This month we have partnered together to give away 5 of these unique flower essences to the first 5 folk who sign up for The Free-Spirited Collective in July. It’s first come, first served, so if joining our collective calls to you, we love to see you in our circle.
Open + Receptive is an excellent flower essence to connect deeply with your inner wise-self and receive the soulful guidance that you are seeking.
The alchemy of this blend will work in two ways:

  • Firstly, it will allow you to be open + receptive to the messages of your inner voice enhancing dreaming, prayer, meditation and any form of listening.


  • Secondly, it will promote trust in the universe, so you can take inspired action and let your dreams, ideas and desires come true.

The Soul Essence – Botanical Therapies is a holistic brand providing you alchemical soul healing journeys, and uplifting and supportive Flower Remedies to help you evoke the essence of your soul.
Join us for The Free-Spirited Collective here. 
Illustration by Victoria Rosas.

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