The Free-Spirited Collective -- May 2016 -- is an opportunity to create the experiences and life that you desire for yourself.
Your thoughts and words really do have the power to create your life.
The second edition of The Free-Spirited Collective has arrived, and along with it, the focus shifts from your practical needs to your ideas, thoughts, and communicationsthe stuff that creates your reality.
The act of creation is first an ideaan inspiration, an intuition, a moment of recognition. When you choose to hold your attention to that for a few moments longer, it becomes a thought. Once it is a thought, you then have a choice whether or not to take action to manifest it.
This month is the opportunity to gather your thoughts and ideasguided by your intuition — and create the experiences and life that you desire for yourself.
What’s included in this month’s TFSC:
PODCAST: How to design your action plan for the next few months.
As June is influenced by the energy of creative manifestations, this is exactly what this month’s podcast is about: How to design an action plan to make real your bright ideas, and create your reality through the power of planning for action. Multi-award winning author and spiritual teacher Marnie McDermott guides as through her process of DREAM. DO. and PLAN.
Teaching us from start to finish, how to attune with your true self to ensure your dreams are aligned with who you really are, down to the practical steps of breaking it down into monthly, weekly and daily tasks. Get your pens and paper ready for this one as you follow along, designing your own action plan for the next few months. Make sure you pause the podcast to take notes and catch up as you listen.
VIDEO: Believe in yourself. Trust in your ability to make your desires a reality.
This month amplifies the theme of establishing faith and trust in the self, and will provide the appropriate energy to tap into your intuition even more than you have before. Now is the time to rely on your inner compass, and utilize your dream life for information and inspiration. In this video I show you 5 key elements to believing in yourself and trusting in your ability to make your desires a reality.
E-BOOK: Your Inner Compass. 20 Ways to Tap into Your Intuition.
Our minds have two different operating systems. The first is easy, natural and fast. It’s instinctual. And this is where our lovely intuition resides. The second system is the analytical, focused, conscious side, and it works much slower. This eBook is filled with 20 fun and practical ways for you to access your intuition anywhere, no matter what. Connecting with your intuition is a practice that is to be brought into your daily rituals and habits, so that you can be guided by your inner compass all the time.
ASTRO GUIDE: June 2016 Astro-Guide.
June brings us the power of creation at our disposal. Creation begins with an idea, an inspiration, an imagining. We are as grown-up or mature, as smart or dumb, as confident or insecure as we choose to be and feel. Our lives are as wonderful or as miserable as we choose to perceive them and choose to act upon them to be. That is the creative power of this month. It is the gift of the knowledge and understanding that it is our mental energy to have ideas and thoughts and to make choices based upon those ideas and thoughts to create and shape our life experiences. As our astrologist Danielle Polgar writes, a helpful mantra for this month may be “turn that worry into wonder” — which means, instead of worrying, stay curious and in a state of wonder and awe about the possibilities. If you remain open and flexible, you might be surprised at how many possibilities seem to appear.
Join us for The Free-Spirited Collective, here.
Illustration by Victoria Rosas.

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