The Free-Spirited Collective -- September 2016 -- inspires you to roll up your sleeves.
September Issue 6 includes: 1 themed podcast, 1 tailored video, your monthly astro-guide and your very own printable Chart Your Cycle instructions manual and chart.
This month inspires you to roll up your sleeves and do the real work to walk your talk as a woman, as a human, as a spirited Being of the universe.
September is a time to integrate and assimilate your experiences and prepare for upcoming changes, and is a time that is geared towards feminine healing and wholeness.
Last month you worked on identifying and sharing the ‘self’ whereas this month you get to take it one step further, and a little bit deeper by uncovering your feminine ‘essence’ and allowing that to play out in the real world.
Focus on mastery — on bringing out your true essence to allow the energy of this month propel you forward.
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PODCAST: Connecting with, and charting your cycle.
Intuitively we know about our cycles through direct experience. Nature, the seasons, birth and death, growing food, and so on. A woman’s menstrual cycle is also linked to the cyclic phases of the moon.
This month is all about bridging and integrating your inner and outer worlds, and helping us with this task is our very special guest Victoria Jones from YouTube sensation Femmehead, teaching us how to understand and chart your cycles, so they become an integrated aspect of our daily lives.
Connecting with your cycle is another way to connect with the energy that governs the rhythms of the universe and life, making us feel freer, more whole and happier.
VIDEO: How to integrate and reconcile the masculine and feminine within.
When I soften, am present, and centred in my body, I feel close to my divine feminine. When I dance, when I cook for the people I love, when I’m listening — really listening, to what someone is saying — I am being in the feminine.
But when I sit down to figure out the best way to market something, or I pick up the phone to call my accountant, or I’m passionately mapping out a change, then I’m definitely wielding my masculine energy to get stuff done.
In order to integrate and reconcile the masculine and feminine energy I have a playful dance of dipping in and out of each one, throughout the day.
In this video I share my own personal story with these polar and yet symbiotic parts of the Self with one main point: while there is no formula for this, beyond being able to listen to yourself and the way that you feel, what is most important in integrating and creating a beautiful marriage of the feminine and masculine, is self-awareness.
ASTRO GUIDE: September 2016 Astro-Guide.
Virgo knows how to prioritize and apply information, and teaches us the benefit of coming down-to-earth after the high of the Leo buzz. Virgo also rules the small intestines as well as the spleen, which indicates that this is a time to integrate and assimilate our experiences and prepare for upcoming changes.
During the season of Virgo, we may analyze, speculate, perfect, and clean out any excess that is weighing us down. Virgo is a time when the Vata energy may also be high, which means worry may be at an all time high as well, so part of Virgo season may be geared towards healing and wholeness of mind, body, and spirit.
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Illustration by Victoria Rosas.

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