Meditation works. And everyone can do it. Ever been curious but not yet tried it?
Your mind is a little bit like a spoilt child that is used to having ALL off your attention. When you take that attention away it responds with tricks, games and tantrums. “Look at me , look at me!” Like a child, we teach our mind to let go and trust the unknown. It is from the unknown that great depths of understanding, realisations, creativity and innovation come forth.
Everyones experience of meditation is quite different and there are many different practises that guide you to that place within. It is important only to have the intention to explore your inner vastness without expectations. Today I am simply sharing a guide, a starting point for you however once you start touching base with your soul essence, that which you really are, you will be guided intuitively exactly how and what to do in your practise. Make sure you are still enough to listen!
Get comfortable. Find a place and a time which best suits you and where you are drawn to. Decide on what is the most comfortable and relaxing position you to stay in, which also allows your body to remain open (so don’t curl up into a ball – you will find out why during practice). Figure out what works the best for you, you may have to experiment a little bit with this.
Close your eyes and move your attention away from THINKING and into your body to what you are FEELING.
The simple trick is to stay with feelings rather than thoughts. At first it might seem like nothing is happening or your mind will pop up with all sort of things like “This is a waste of time” or “Oh, I really need to go buy some yoghurt for breakfast in the morning” or “You’re not doing it right”. That’s okay. In fact, after a while you will see how funny this really is! So much like a child. Smile lovingly at the mind and let the thoughts pass. Refocus on FEELING your body and remember that thoughts are just thoughts. You have no attachment to them. You are not your thoughts.
I personally meditate in bed just after wakening and again just before sleep. Lying down is my absolute favourite position in the world and it works for me every time. I lay on my back, spread my arms and legs apart and face my palms upwards so the openness in my spiritual being is reflected in the openness of my physical being. Or I practise Reiki and put my hands on my stomach and my heart or any other area that could do with a bit of energy healing.
Then I allow my body to relax and sink into the bed. I close my eyes and find my sweet spot – which for me lies in the centre of my chest. Instead of focusing on the thoughts on my head I turn my attention to the FEELING in my body, particularly to that sweet spot and simultaneously to all the cells in my body. It feels sooo good!
Every single time you practise meditation the experience will be different. Sometimes you feel deeply in tune with your inner source, other times your attention remains on the outer edges of your self. Sometimes it will be easier to move your attention from your mind to your body, other times your mind will be particularly persistent in catching your attention. The days that are more challenging are equally as valuable as the days when your practise is deep, as those days really teach your mind to trust and let go.
Either way, just accepting and moving in harmony with what the current state of experience presents is powerfully beneficial for you. No matter what, you are receiving soul nourishment through your meditation practise.
The benefits of meditation include:

– improved ability to deal with stress
– greater clarity in hearing your inner guidance and wisdom
– increases patience and compassion for others
– improves sense of self worth and confidence
– sets about a flourish of love in  your life
– increases acceptance of self and others
– improves overall health and brings about emotional and physical healing

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