Love is a many splendid thing …… all you need is love! | Moulin Rouge
We all know how dramatic and life changing falling in love with someone can be. It is often one of the most electrifying, heart pounding and exciting adventures in life, one that many often crave and yearn for.
There are times you may meet someone and have such an intense cosmic bond with them that it seems unexplainable. You may come from completely different backgrounds and agree on almost nothing and still deeply love another person with all of your heart and soul. These are also times where we might wonder about soul mates or other mystical explanations for a strong sense of connection that’s appears otherwise enigmatic.
To love is to see ones souls counterpart in another.
When you love someone you do so independently. You are free. And they are free. You don’t own them or their heart. You can only hope that they love you in return. Loving someone doesn’t mean they owe you something or are obligated to you in any way. This of course works both ways: being loved by someone doesn’t require an obligation of you to love them back. It’s actually rather simple …….. either you do or you don’t. Be honest, it’s better for you both in the long run.
Sometimes we hold on to someone we love, or that loves us even when the love is not reciprocated to fill a void somewhere else in life. It can be something as simple as supporting your ego or your external sense of self-worth, or other needs that you are afraid won’t be filled when you are without the other. This should be an alarm in your head that it’s time to work out what the underlying issues are because they reflect to you what you need to harmonise in your life.
Let go of one another as kindly and sensitively as possible. Let go easily. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be …… and it will happen. It can be that you feel so deeply in love with another person however circumstances prevent you from being with them, signifying simply that it is not the right time for this love to exist as you imagine it in your mind. Don’t fight against life, go with the flow. If the love is strong enough it will endure and if it is meant, one day you will be together. In the meantime be a good friend. You may even come to find that you can love this person and not want to be with them because you know it simply wouldn’t work. You can love this person and yet still fall in love with another.
There are as many different types of love as there are people.
Remember that, since you exist, your perfect partner also exists, though who this is may change as you also evolve. We need to spend time with different people in order to grow but there comes a time when many of us will encounter someone whom we would love to live out the challenges, learnings and pleasure of life together, hence entering into a form of committed relationship.
Jealousy is not love. Jealousy is about ownership and possession and one’s own insecurities. This has nothing to do with love. If you seem to suffer from uncomfortable amounts of jealousy then you are probably not ready for a relationship and need to do some work on yourself in which you discover where your jealousy stems from. Ask yourself in what situations you have felt jealous before and why. See if you can find patterns of jealousy arising throughout your life and make an effort to eradicate them by shining your light of realisation on them. When you have sorted out your jealousy issues, then not only are your relationships more fulfilling and enjoyable but a huge load has been lifted off your shoulders and you can relax and enjoy life more = Happiness!
Also, when jealousy is no longer a concern in your life, you won’t attract partners whom you feel the need to be jealous of. We are often attracted to those who confront us with our issues so that we may be healed and move forwards towards self-actualisation. To becoming the happiest person you can be. Jealousy tends to be one a most destructive element within relationships that causes you to act like a stupid ape instead of an enlightened human being.
Don’t loose yourself in the one you love. It is important to have a clear sense of who you are when you enter into a relationship as not only will you be able to be with someone who is really great for you, but you are also more able to define your boundaries. You are two people choosing to share your lives with one another, not two people who melt into one. Have your own interests and don’t stop doing things you enjoy just because the other doesn’t like it.

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