The money story that kept me in poverty for 10 years
All the way until my early 30’s I believed the lie that money somehow made people evil, that it was toooooo haaard to deal with and that I just didn’t really understand the whole financial system. I spiritually bi-passed it taking the “higher” route aka self-sabotaging by ignoring it, hoping that someone would come and rescue me (ahem, knight in shining armour, where are you?) and “trusting the universe” that it would sort me out. Which it always did (thanks universe) BUT I was limited by how MUCH I could receive because I refused to look at my own money narrative and clear the blocks.
I had been handed a script as a little girl that told me that, as a woman, I would never have to learn to manage or handle money. I had a very traditional upbringing with my elderly grandmothers playing a strong role who informed me that if I was nice and pretty and good at housework and baking (I’m really good at baking, guys, just FYI :) that I would attract a nice, hard-working man and he would be in charge of all the money.
Nobody in my family spoke about money. It was a taboo subject and considered an absolutely improper topic to ever mention. I was taught that one must never ask how much something cost, how much someone earned or how they managed their money. I never questioned this growing up because often avoiding punishment was more important for my survival than allowing my natural curiosity to ask all the questions I wanted to.
I lived in a cycle of being able to make money easily (I’m naturally magnetic and good at manifesting) but not being able to hold on to it for long. I had money, and then I was broke. Over and over and over again. It was exhausting and the times that I was broke did a number on my self-esteem and nervous system. It was extremely stressful and made me anxious and reactive.
But then, when I turned 31, life and the universe (Ha! Thanks again universe, you are the smartest!) decided it was time and that I was ready to decondition my old belief systems and rewrite my new narrative. One that actually aligned with my soul, the abundance of our cosmos and the modern world that we live in.
Through some (really touch) lessons I learned that money isn’t so hard at all, it’s actually really easy. That there’s actually so so so much of it — more than we can even wrap our minds around. Being and feeling affluent is a privilege available to anyone who is willing to truly look at themselves. And that having (more than enough) money allows us, women, to become powerful changemakers in the world where we can transform the direction our world is moving in through consciously and with nurturing loving awareness investing out money in all the right ways and places.
Money equals both security and freedom, paradoxical ends of the spectrum that we need to feel in order to live out the fullest expression of ourselves. Money acts as a mirror to how we show up for ourselves, nurture ourselves and value ourselves. When we feel full grace and ease overflows. When we feel empty and lacking, we are always looking to someone else’s cup and creating conflict and drama with ourselves and our relationship with life.
Over the past 5 years I have moved from living in a cycle of never having enough money, and often being broke, to increase my net worth and income every single year. Through a combination of practical practices, manifesting tools and psychological mindset shifts that helped me to completely transform my relationship with money I learned how to create true affluence.
Behold: AFFLUENT. My new course where I teach you everything I know to create an abundant, affluent and prosperous life, against all odds, so you can do it too. AFFLUENT is the result of 10 years of lessons learned and 5 years (and counting) of amassing affluence that provides me with a lifestyle that is everything I have ever hoped and dreamed for. Welcome.

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