The most valuable thing I have ever learnt, is to simply believe in the possibilities that await me and to allow myself to be available, and to say “yes”.
Let’s assume that life — is alive. A living, breathing, loving, reactive entity with unexplainable emotions, which follows a set of simple spiritual laws. Based on this premise, how is it that we think we can predict the future and all that is possible for us?
How is it that we decide where the limitations are?
How do we know that there isn’t more?
If life is very much alive, and responsive to every thought, every action, every choice we make, how is it that it is not possible to be entirely infinite, with endless possibilities and constantly in a rhythm of change.
So, let’s assume that life is full of endless possibilities. A myriad of possible choices in every moment.
That’s what the Gypset Mindset, is all about.
Gypset is not a holiday. It is a lifestyle. It’s a way of life that embraces freedom and authenticity as its highest values. It means choosing what is right for you, with your heart. And letting the universe take care of the rest. It’s following your intuition, no matter what. Finding the clarity on your path. And knowing how to manifest your experiences and successes through intention.
Intuition is a funny, fleeting thing. It’s here and gone in a flash, a blink. Easily missed. Often overlooked.
Sometimes it seems that nothing is more muddled and difficult than the phrase “follow your heart.” But it’s truly the most natural thing you will ever have to do. You only need to learn how to listen.
Your intuition speaks not in words and rhythm, but in subtle tweaks and flutters. In aches and pains and a warm simmering in your belly. It’s a foreign language, it seems. Like words for which there are no letters and sounds to match.
Your body knows before your mind whether you’re sick in the belly, or sick in the heart (though sometimes, they feel just the same).
It knows that from time to time, you wake hungry. And not really for food or drink, but for taste and touch, for lust or love, for cold grass in summer shade and tall mugs of hoppy beer.
Your body knows when to hold a bit tighter. When to let go. When it’s perfectly proper to do two things at once, or three, or four, just to know the difference.
So, close your eyes. Run your thumb across each fingertip. Remember what it feels like to stop, and breathe. Taste summer on your tongue. And then, try to notice the subtle aches, pains, sensations in your body.
While at first you might try to match corresponding symptoms, draw lines between points that do not exist, you’ll find before long that the only questions truly worth asking are the intuitive ones.
What am I holding onto? When I think of my troubles, where do I feel them in my body? When was the last time I gave myself enough room to heal?
With practice — with journaling, meditation, focus & love — you might find that many of your common physical complaints are simply rough nudges from your Spirit. The desire to quit your job might make your belly ache. The stagnant relationship may bring fatigue to your mind and pain to your bones.
The key to intuition isn’t force, or desperation, tirelessly digging through layers of questions that surely require over thinking.
It’s silence, and stillness, and asking inwards, “What do I need to give myself in order to grow, to learn, to love, to heal?”
There’s so much external noise, so much pollution that interferes with knowing our true nature. Our families’ expectations, societies expectations, your own expectations – all colliding in our minds – affecting our own perception of ourselves and who we are.
Sometimes the best thing you can do, is remove yourself from these external factors, and go on an inner journey, of exploring the Self. This can been done through meditation, and it can also be done through travel, as long as the intention is set.
I know lots of people who have gone traveling, on their own, and come back finally knowing what they wanted to give to the world. It takes commitment and vulnerability to explore those hidden parts of ourselves.
I remember when I was 26, I had enough of the festival party life, and started my journey of discovering what it is I wanted to, and could share with the world. I began in India, where I spent 4 months traveling around on my own, which were I realised 3 things:
I love traveling alone; but I don’t like not having anything to do. I remember being in Goa on the beach for 3 weeks, and being bored. I needed a project. By nature, we are creators.
I really don’t need much at all to be happy. I packed a full suitcase when I came, which I ended up leaving at a
friends place, almost in its entirety. All I travelled with, were my passport and bank card, a few changes of clothes, toiletries, a sheet and soft blanket for cold bus rides, a book, a journal and some pens. Packed into a children’s school bag. I was absolutely delighted at not needing anything more. It felt so light; so free; so easy.
The most important thing in life is the connections we make with other people. I had known this before, as my festival career stemmed entirely out of connections, but it was amazing to see how beautifully my life flowed due to the connections I made with others.
After India, I came back to Europe, and did one last summer of festivals: Bestival, Glastonbury, Transylvania Calling and Boom, after which I flew to visit my sister in the United Arab Emirates, where I worked at the International Film Festival in the Emirates Palace. During this time I continued my search. I read self-help books underlining all the parts that resonated, did all the suggested homework, and kept journaling – every day looking for, and asking for clarity. Clarity became my one-word mantra. My intention. I just want clarity.
An intention that is aligned with your soul’s purpose is a powerful statement to the universe, which will then mobilize all the powers of wholeness to help you fulfill it.
Your life is your kingdom to shape — to cultivate, to nourish, to grow. The more skillfully you care for yourself, the more fully you’ll access your soul and all of its qualities, including creativity, grounding, abundance, wisdom, strength, clarity and purpose. The more fully you embody these qualities in yourself and in your life, the more successful your life will be.
Your soul infuses the whole ecology of your being. One aspect of your soul is incarnated in your life now. This aspect of your soul holds your uniqueness — that which makes you who you are.
This includes your personality, your history, your family, your lineage, your likes, your dislikes, your strengths, your challenges, your physical body — everything that makes you, you.
Your mind and physical body are the  container for your personal energies to flow. A strong, flexible, healthy mins and body help you to develop, hold, contain and radiate those qualities with which you want to fill your life.
Without a strong mind and body, your soul essence qualities like Love and Miracles, Synchronicity and Prosperity, remain in the realms of subtle energy and spirit. You can’t use them, any more than you can drink water without a cup or glass, or at least by scooping it into the cup of your hands.
When you embody these soul qualities – which are already within you as seeds or potentials — they become available in your life. They heal, bless, transform and grow you, your business and your world.
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