The only thing you need to connect to your intuition.
The last few days I’ve been thinking a lot about truth. Although I’ve not been one to follow media and mainstream news, it has been hard to ignore in recent months, weeks, days…
We live with this huge influx of information from every direction telling us what to do, buy and believe, often conflicting. Our information bandwidth is being flooded to the point that there is no more room for it all, and even less space to make sense of it. A feeling of dread and overwhelm starts to invade the few moments of peace and lightness that we find in our days, and we begin to wonder what it all means.
What is really true?
When I sit with that question, I always return to this: intuition.
No matter how much information is flung at us at the rapid rates that we are receiving them — we can always return to intuition — that sensation or rush that just feels right.
Some people think of intuition as a mystical power. Skeptics write it off as a matter of lucky guesswork. But scientists who study intuition say it’s a very real ability and a direct reference to your own truth.
But how do you find that truth? How do you connect to your intuition?
The answer is not cerebral.
Instead, you use your body.
When our lives are filled with too much noise from every angle, the solution is to be guided from within.
In my early 20’s, I used to think that I could think my way out of every situation. I battled with all the voices in my head, much like I have been battling with the media in recent times. There were so many different thoughts to contend with, and I was never certain which one I could trust. 
I wrote, and wrote, and wrote about all the crazy conflicting thoughts that were taking up valuable space in my head, to make some kind of sense of it. Out of the many contenders for my attention, there was one that was a little quieter, more gentle and almost imperceptible. It came about as a feeling, rather than words.
Yet, often, it was the one that I questioned the most. 
I discovered, after many failed attempts to follow logic over feeling that those physical nudges were in fact my intuition. It was then that I devoted myself to living an intuitive life.

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