Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I had this boyfriend who was very lovely in many ways, however he was in the habit of always wanting to be the centre of attention and stealing other people’s spotlight, including mine! It was something I really disliked  and so I wrote a little story which I texted him one night. It goes like this:
Once upon a time in a faraway land there lived a beautiful and kind princess that was beloved by all its people. She was happy and sweet and always made sure that everyone was treated fairly and with love and kindness.
Once day the princess’s father, the King employed a new Jester to entertain the court, however something strange began happening. Every time the beautiful princess stood to speak to address the court, made a joke or asked a question, the jester would suddenly jump up and do a little dance or start juggling and showing off and the people in the court would laugh and clap.
After many months the princess became distraught that every time she wanted to speak the Jester would distract her audience and take their attention onto himself, so she locked herself away in an isolated tower. She swore to remain there until the Jester became aware of the problems he was causing her by interrupting. Eventually he learnt that there was a time for the princess to be heard and adored, as well as a time for the Jester to do his tricks.
Finally the Princess and the Jester made peace and each were given their rightful time to shine and be in the spotlight and which point the entire kingdom celebrated and everyone lived happily ever after.
Needless to say, the boyfriend understood the lesson in the story and learnt to be more aware of when others where speaking and sharing their stories!

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