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I never wanted to own a business.
I feared words like “hustle”and “marketing” – and “fake-it-till-you-make-it” philosophies.
The idea of running my own business seemed to be the equivalent of ripping my heart and soul out, and serving it to the corporations of consumer culture. For breakfast.
All I really wanted, was to work, in a way that is in alignment with my core values, and supportive of the kind of world that I wanted to live in. Apparently that job didn’t exist. I looked. Everywhere.
So I had to create it.
I wanted to choose my own hours.
I didn’t want to be limited to working in a specific place.
I wanted to travel.
I didn’t want my creative pursuits to be undermined.
I wanted to earn money on my terms.
I didn’t want to stuck in the fierce and competitive consumer cycle.
I wanted to facilitate change.
I didn’t want to waste my time on things that don’t matter.
I wanted to be a leader of a new movement.
I didn’t want to buy in to empty social standards.
I wanted freedom.
I believe that everything we experience in life, in the news, in the world around us, is simply a reflection of us, as a collective. So if we want the wars to stop, famine to end, people to be happy and healthy, wealth to be shared and kindness to be standard, then we have to start with us.
We are the heart of our universe. If we want the world to change, we have to change. If there is a war, then look within. What wars are we fighting within ourselves? If there is hunger, look within. What are we so hungry for that we over-feed ourselves and our brothers and sisters starve? If there are sick and dying of disease, look within. What sickness in thoughts and behaviours are we accepting?
There are no jobs yet, that support the inner work and self-awareness necessary to create the changes within us that we need to make, in order to restore ourselves and our entire world back to its whole.
And so I started blogging.
I wrote about what I thought. What I felt. What I saw. It was mostly boring and bland. I did’t really know my voice yet. It took me 6 months of blogging. And then something clicked.
And then, timidly, I decided I needed to create my own job. Which meant learning how to run a business. Which meant mostly, that i needed to understand marketing. Because no matter how great your content is, if no-one knows you, well… no-one knows you.
So with much searching I found something called BSchool. Back then, it was 2011, and Marie Forleo was still filming her videos in her living room. It’s grown in leaps and bounds since then. And despite that, it was amazing. This course was the catalyst that changed everything for me.
I finally believed that I could do this.
I had the courage do to things my way.
I felt encouraged to be authentic and true to my vision.
I found a community of women who felt the same way.
I began to see the world and my possibilities from a different light.
I had practical support to create my dream world.
It was thrilling. And terrifying. Because now I would have to step up and be seen.
Now, I am thrilled to be able to share this opportunity with you. This years enrolment closes tomorrow (Thursday 7am AEST). Now is your chance. Join me for an adventure that lasts until December 2015.
Vienda + Hayley’s Gypset BSchool Adventure.
I can’t wait to see your beautiful, smiling face in our amazing community of spirited women with a dream.
P.S. We ran an amazing Q&A in which you guys asked so many incredible, heartfelt and nitty-gritty questions which we answered with all of our hearts and souls. If you missed it and are dying to know more, listen to the recording here.

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