When my beautiful friend Felicia Fox first invited me to write a post summing up what I learnt in 2014, I thought it was a really brilliant way to reflect back upon the year that has passed, and then move on. Apparently she wasn’t the only one who thought it was a fantastic idea, as in the days that followed, a barrage of emails inviting me to join in. Still, I love it.
So here we go:

Things I learnt in 2014…


That not everything appears at it seems. We are all trying our very best to be the best that we can in every moment, but it’s important not to take everything and everyone at face value. I have a tendency to be quite naive and always see the very best in people, but this year I learnt that it’s valuable to be curious and question things that don’t add up. Because more often than not, that’s a really good sign that something’s not quite as clear as you may have thought.


I bang on about this all the time, but this year was a clear indication of how I create my life. Every moment I have a choice. I can choose to be happy or sad, I can choose to be friendly or distant, I can choose to show up or hide. And based on every single choice, my life reveals itself. So whatever I want to have more of, I need to be more of. I want more fun and happiness? Be it. Want more money? Act like I have it. Want more opportunities? Show up for them. It’s so simple and yet our silly heads often can’t get their grasp around it.


Life is truly magic. I started 2014 on the cold, windy beach of Brighton, England. I love the UK, but the dreary weather starts to seep into my bones and I find it so very hard to warm up. So India was gallantly calling, waiting for me to stretch my frozen body out in endless yoga classes. After 3 months, in May I moved to Australia, thinking I’d only be there for 3 months. Seven months later, I’m still here. There’s something about this country that always seems to capture me. And for the first time in a long time, despite many, many options, I’m not sure where to next. So I wait, be still, and enjoy the pleasures of the place where I find myself. Life is so very sweet and good. I am living my dreams.


The things that challenged me…


This year it was definitely family beliefs and expectations. I always thought that I came from a quite open and accepting family, but in 2014 I was faced with judgements and criticism that was unexpected. It was so challenging to deal with but it taught me to trust myself and to always stand by my own values and boundaries. Because in the end, only you, know what’s best for you.


Being organised with my finance, administration and paperwork. As work picked up and the business became busier, my simple organisation processes went out the window. When it was actually time to sort everything out, it was such a stressful mess, I wanted to cry. The practical aspects of life and generally challenging for me as it is – I’m a born dreamer – but this year things felt really out of control. I spent weeks trying to get organised again, and promised myself to put better systems in place in the New Year.


I feel that great changes are happening in my world and the way that I experience it at the moment. Often great challenges precede great changes. While I fully appreciate and embrace the way my world is changing, I’ve noticed that I have had to consciously stay positive and grateful for everything, even the things that feel uncomfortable. It’s so blissful to be able to surrender, even during times of challenge and discomfort. To let go of any need to control and simply breathe through the process as an observer, instead of resisting and struggling against what is.
If I had to sum up 2014 in a short paragraph..
It’s been such a wild horse ride! In some of the most challenging as well as spectacular ways. My business grew exponentially in ways beyond my wildest dreams, as it continues to do so. I faced countless challenges with family and the administrative, paperwork side of life. I met many beautiful souls, including one that I fell in love with.


2014 has been a hell of a year and I can’t wait to see  what 2015 has in store for me. Hopefully there’s  lots more fun, success, love, and inspiration in all the ways!


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