this is no ordinary planner + journaling method — the beginnings of plannher + my hopes for her future
It began on a humid morning in Bali 6 years ago. I had committed to my nomadic lifestyle — living out of a suitcase while running my business from wherever I found myself — but hadn’t figured out my organisation system. Travelling with 7 different notebooks to manage various areas of my life… wasn’t working.
That’s when I invested in a planner/Filofax that revolutionised my life.
I experimented and tested many different approaches to journaling and planning including working with the energy of the days of the week, new moon manifesting, full moon releasing, money magic formulas and vision mapping.  I wanted to find a way to marry energetic and physical practices that are effective and do-able in our modern world. Over the years I developed a formula that aligned with my belief that the cycles of nature can to looked to, to guide us on how to best live life.
I want to share it.
In my first explorations into getting a planner/Filofax made, all roads led to and China. I felt put off by the whole thing. I wasn’t strong enough in myself yet, to move forward with the concept. Making a physical product felt beyond me.
Several years passed, occasionally revisiting the idea but not finding any solutions. In the meantime, I kept tweaking my journaling processes and planning formulas. The whole concept was becoming such a foundational part of how I create and navigate my life, I knew I had to find a way to share it eventually.
Halfway through 2019, I received a strong and final intuitive nudge that it is time to move forward with this. No more letting excuses get in the way. It is my job to let go of control around “how” it comes to be and rather focus on doing the work necessary to allow it to arrive land-side.
It’s been a journey. Physical products are no joke to produce compared to digital products. I have a  whole new level of respect for all the incredible women that I know who create beautiful, sustainable things in the world. Trying to find the right format, the printers, the designer to bring it to life hasn’t been the fluid, easy process that I wish it would have been. But I also recognise that every shift, misstep, change, and lesson has been the project taking shape and form in its own way to be what it is meant to be. I need to keep my hands off the steering wheel, keep showing up to the work and trust the process.
Here’s where I am at so far.
Plannher is a planner and journaling method to inspire clarity, trust, harmony, creativity, self-love and care, mental health, wellness and spiritual connection to self and the universe, while setting meaningful and realistic goals, into mapping out your months, weeks, and days, while feeling organised and like you have a sense of direction.
Plannher is split into two parts: The Map and The Journey, to help you identify your authentic map to develop your unique journey to creating a life that is truly your own. Plannher teaches you self-reflection tools, practices and approaches to bring your internal compass to the surface to guide your life. This is no ordinary journaling method and planner.
Plannher shows you how to use journaling, intuition, structure and organising your life to manifest, clear behaviour patterns and become the fullest expression and allow your actions in the work to be an extension of your soul. It’s one that is focused on expansion, growth and human potential. You learn how to journal. You learn how to use visioning, dreaming and creative inspiration to create your life. You get a physical touch-point that you can return home to day-by-day to actively be a conscious participant in your own becoming.
Plannher is timeless. It doesn’t start the year on January 1st. It starts when you want it to. Does your personal year start on your birthday? On the astrological new year with Aries? When you go back to school or start a new job? You get to decide and make the world work for you, on your personal timeline,  finally. I’ll show you how.
Because all the planner/Filofax style options all contain way too much plastic, it has become a linen-covered hardcover book filled with magic. You have the option to get the digital course to accompany it with videos and audios on how to do all the planning and journaling explained in detail with supporting templates.
• 8.5” x 11”
• Ethically produced
• Linen-Bound Book
• Gold foil logo
• White paper
• A simple introduction to the Plannher method
• A non-negotiables list
• A World map
• Horizontal weekly spread
• Weekly ‘Love To Do’ section
• Moon phases + energy of the days of the week included
• 2020 and 2021-at-a-glance calendar
• Plannher soul map vision quest
• A seasonal style guide
• Monthly money tracking
• New moon intentions lists
• Full moon reflections lists
• Map out your creative ideas
• Monthly planning calendars for each month
• Weekly planning calendars for each week
• Half the book unlined / dot grid pages for journalling
• Inspiring quotes on intermittent pages
Currently, the book design is in development with the designer, I’m in conversations with 4 printing companies, and I’m moving back to the UK so I can actually send and receive mail without the local Cartel stealing it. At this point, it looks like plannher will be in stock and available online in March 2020. Until then, I’d love you to join along and follow the journey here.
I’m dreaming big with this baby. My Papa told me to go for it.

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