There’s this thing going around at the moment. They call it a “blog-hop-baton” which was kindly passed onto my by the sweet, generous and gracious “recovering people-pleaser” Brittany Kate.
The topic? ‘Why I Write’.
And while yes. I write. In fact, I love to write. I also do many things. Since I’m not very good at sticking to the rules, and I’m very good at breaking them, I’ve decided to change the topic.
To this: ‘Why I Do What I Do’.
It’s so much more fun this way, don’t you think?
Why I Do What I Do
I’ve always been a wanderer/wonderer. From as young as I can remember.
I even have past life memories of walking endlessly for days, through a hot, dry desert. I must have been in a nomadic tribe crossing the Sahara.
The last psychic I went to see, saw it in my eyes. She told me she saw the whole world in them. And the gave me a list of places that I’d be heading to next. In retrospect, she got them all right. I wonder how she knew…
I am afraid to wake up one day in my late-life years, wondering where I am, who I am, and what I’ve done with the precious moments of my life.
Instead, I reinvent myself in every moment, question everything and choose to live life from my heart. By choosing to stay present, connected, and in the flow.
Unlike most people, I don’t tether myself to things or places. I bind myself to the people that I fall in love with, by leaving a little piece of my heart with them. I am anchored to this Earth through the love I have for the many stunningly beautiful souls that I am blessed to know.
Because love, real love, is free. It is liberating. And it ties us all together. It means I can be anywhere, do anything and still love. Belong. Feel. Understand. Grow. Laugh. Wonder.
And because of this discovery and self-understanding, I’ve invented my own personal brand of giving to this world.
I help other discover that same sense of freedom in themselves. I mentor creative professionals and other coaches, to creative a successful, location-independent business and life, that fulfills them both soulfully and financially. All on their own terms. Of course.
I do that with spirit as my guide, intuition on my tongue and my entire body of love to give. Because what I have is liberating. And I want you to have it too.
I do it because that is what I’m meant to do.
And of course, I write. I write because it’s the bridge between the tangible and intangible worlds. Between the physical and the meta. Between body and soul.
I write because I can draw spirit out through the words at my fingers, and share with you, what we all know, again, and again, and again. Because we constantly need reminding. Of everything. Of all that we really are.
Now, to pass this baton on: why do you do, what you do, ladies?
image13-e1403681848339Tracy is a some-time Bollywood dancer, often-time ink-slinging adventurer, all-the-time daydream believer who just wants to be a better human being. She believes that getting uncomfortable is good for growth, that gratitude is a shortcut to happiness & that every movie should have a montage in it. If she met you in person she would probably high-five you & tell you about the time she met the Dalai Lama because that story never gets old. Tracy Ashworth | Cheese With Everything
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image20-e1404969727199Jo Anderson is a food blogger, food stylist, lifestyle photographer and passionate self taught foodie. She is also the co-founder of Food Actually Health Foods which makes unique, convenient and healthy food products. She has worked on numerous ebook cookbooks and her blog The Luminous Kitchen attracts readers from all over the world for it’s easy going and simple approach to good food. Jo Anderson | The Luminous Kitchen

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