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Have you ever spent an afternoon daydreaming how fun it would be to be able to travel the world for free? And not only travel for free, but perhaps travel in style, be pampered and upgraded to the most luxurious type of travelling? I know I have!

Well, daydream no longer! The infamous travel blogger and author Chris Guillebeau from The Art of Non-Conformity has set up a team to provide this amazing service known as travel hacking. The travel hacking cartel website is the best resource to help you on your way to travelling the world for free and they even have a guaranteed:

1 Plane ticket every three months, using the techniques and deals he provides. That’s three (3) YES: THREE holidays or trips per year…… for nothing but a tiny bit of effort online!

The idea is that you spend a minimum of 30 minutes per month going through the deals, completing surveys and signing up for various cards that add up to flying points. Chris points out that it is important to bare in mind exactly where you want to go. Why not start planning now? Here are my top 3 trips: New York, Bali and Brazil.

On top of that, Chris is only allowing the first 1,000 members in initially. After that you must be referred by another member of the cartel in order to join. This is a HUGE perk since you’ll be able to earn 500 miles for each friend you refer to sign up as well!

Well, I for one plan to never ever pay for another flight ever again! Come join me! We can plan trips together, to anywhere in the world. It’ll be fun, I promise! x

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