After 5 months of gyspsie-travel, working, writing and putting on workshops throughout Europe I’ve flown across the Atlantic ocean to the destination that’s been in my heart all this time: the Americas. I landed in Cancun, Mexico 3 days ago and have been staying with a friend in Puerto Morelos while I find my feet. That’s the sunrise view from my balcony on the first morning.
It’s such a joy to be here, I feel so blessed and centered within myself. This is how I know that I am exactly where I’m meant to be. After sweeping through the stunning frozen city of London with 1 degree Celsius weather, coming to the humid coastlines of the Caribbean is a surprise to my body but slowly, with the help of delicious fresh avocados and coconuts, not to mention mole and tamales, I’m finding my place!
Tomorrow afternoon I’m off to Palenque, to celebrate the new age of ascension on the 21st of December at the foot of the ancient Mayan ruins with thousands upon thousands of other people. I’m not quite sure what will greet me when I get there… A friend of mine described the site as “beautiful and dirty at the same time”. I have a fear that there will be ensuing chaos… We will see and I promise to report back!
In the meantime I wanted to share a few snippets of life here in a Puerto Morelos. Things that have made me smile. I think they might make you smile too.
The Enchanting Charms of a Three Year Old
On my first day in Puerto Morelos we went to the beach in the afternoon and happened to run into friends of my kind host here, who had to a little three year old boy called Leo.
Whilst the men talked shop at the beach bar, I went off on my own to soak up the sun on my towel by the waters edge. Their little boy decided to follow me armed with his play date arsenal of buckets, spades, a rake and a truck. He settled down beside me and decided to impress me with his truck, how fast it could go and the tracks he could make in the sand. So I decided to build him a few sandcastles with his bucket which completely mesmerised him, particularly when I exclaimed “taadaa” every time I lifted the bucket and a sand castle appeared from beneath.
From that moment on Leo was quite taken by me, and started showing off with his smooth dancing moves and flirting with me like a typical Latin American would. I was particularly amused when I asked him how old he was to which he replied “cinqo” (5). Ha ha, lying about his age already!
Even when his dad asked him to play football and his friend wanted to go swimming with him, he refused telling them that he “puedo jugar con la chica” (I have to play with the girl)! I must admit that he did charm me with his cute little dimpled smile and the way his chubby little legs ran to show me how fast he could chase the waves! Our little play date ended with a kiss on the cheek and a promise to play together again next time.
It was the sweetest, most innocent, pure fun I’ve had in far too long. It was so healing and soothing for me to just enjoy the simple happiness of life after a full on adventure in Europe. Bliss!
Enjoying the Simple Things
Yesterday we ran into another friend of my hosts, a local who has a generous smile for everyone and simple, contented manner. When asked what was going on and how he was he replied “I am trying to decide what to eat for dinner….” It was 3pm in the afternoon. What an idyllic, beautiful life you live when your greatest thoughts are about what to have for your next meal!
Beware Crocodiles!
I walked to the local bus station this morning to arrange for my bus to Palenque tomorrow afternoon, which is located 3kms from the pier and beach where I am staying. There are mangroves all along the sidewalk leading down into the swamps. As I was gracefully drifting along, lost in my thoughts and daydreams I encounter a sign that says “Cuidado Crocodillos!“.
I’m suddenly feeling rather tensed and aware as I walk along, now inspecting the edges of the pathway for crocodiles and mistaking every log, leaf, tyre and stone for a possibly dangerous scaled enemy that is sure to want to eat me! I look around and realise that no one else is waking this pathway! Is it because of crocodiles?!
After some time I relax and return to my daydreams, only to encounter a second sign warning me “Cuidado Crocodillos!“. Eeek! Again I tense up and keep my eye out for the large reptiles that potentially are lurking in the dark swampy waters waiting for a tasty treat like myself to show up. Again after a kilometer or so forget about it and relax again. This cycle repeats itself all the way to the bus station at the end of which I laugh at myself and also promise myself not to walk that path again.
Ha ha! Welcome to Mexico!
Vienda x

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