I woke up this morning, starving, went to the kitchen, put the kettle on and pulled out two organic oranges out of the fridge. Which I sliced into sixths and inhaled, waiting for my Rosehip tea to infuse.
And while I was standing there, by the kitchen counter, biting into my juicy cold-from-the-fridge delicious orange pieces, looking out the window, I thought to myself. “What am I going to do today?”
It’s not so much that I have a lack of things to do. Oh no! I’m really good at finding tasks and projects for myself. I have a never ending list of things I could be doing right now.
But rather, I was wondering what thing that would most light me up right now. And standing there, looking out the window, I decided, it’s high time that I create a special little package for you: my triple eBook special!
So here it is! You can now have a special bundle deal of all 3 of my eBooks for only $30 (instead of $47), saving you over 35%. Yay! Bargain with a capital B.
This is what you get:

The Gypset Guide To Releasing Rituals

This eBook was creating purely from a place of calling; from my soul.
Perhaps it was because I’d just finally gotten over the final hurdles of letting go of someone I deeply love. Maybe it was because I wanted to help my friend Sonia, let go of her past. Possibly it came from the pain I saw in my darling lovers eyes when he spoke about his family. Most definitely the inspiration came from a collection of many different places, spaces and people.
Rituals bring a formal acknowledgement of what was, what is and what might be.
They invite structured witness to life, thereby bring about tremendous healing + manifest blessings into life transitions, by bringing attention to that which is sacred.
Rituals bridge the gap between your inner + outer worlds, your spirit + your body, unifying them into a tangible experience + place a special moment in your heart, soul + memory as you move through life.
In order to make space for change + move forward in our lives, we often need rituals that help us separate one chapter from the next.
The Gypset Releasing Rituals 7 day program is here to help you do exactly that, in a sweet, conscious, healing and nurturing way, that you can apply time and time again, in many different circumstances. AND it includes a recording of the entire program with soothing background music throughout!
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The Gypset Recipe Book

I tested and photographed all the recipes while I was living in San Francisco last year; then started editing and putting the book together when I moved to LA; and when I arrived in London in September, completed this bountiful book of recipes and brought it out into the world for you.
This recipe book is full of foods and meals I make and eat myself, on a regular basis, whether I am travelling or not.
The key ingredients to a healthy, well balanced life is to eat locally, eat whole foods, and alway listen to your body. My diet mainly consists of fresh fruit and vegetables, followed by some proteins and grains, and in The Gypset Recipe Book, I show you how easy it is to stay healthy, even when on the road. Not to mention the little travel stories and anecdotes I share with you!
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Build Your Own Business Blog Book

I originally wrote this guide for a friend of mine, who wanted to create her own online permaculture business. I had just finished off my first rendition of my very own self-made website using and Headway Themes, and simply wrote everything that I had learnt in the process.
From SEO to font sizes, and ‘how tos’ for writing popular posts and more, in Build Your Own Business Blog I share everything I know about getting started, in an affordable way that’s fun, easy and fast.
As I’m currently going through another redesign process of my site myself (it’s gonna be sooooo ├╝ber-awesome!), I keep going back to my little guide myself and thinking “Woah! I know stuff!”. Haha!
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